Outrun Collectibles Presents Figure Friday: Announcing the Grand Opening of Outrun Collectibles Store + Amazing Spider-Man One:12

It’s been a looooong week but it’s almost the weekend and, most importantly, it’s Figure Friday!

This here is the part where I normally remind you that this column is brought to you by Outrun Collectibles and that you can visit them HERE and use code BIFFBAMPOP and get 15% off your order. But what if I told you that there was a place that was like that website…BUT REAL?

I know it seems crazy but NEXT SATURDAY on May 28th you can visit the Outrun Collectibles store at 1311 Queen St. East in the mystical land of Toronto, which I’m told is a real place where people actually live and that I’ve allegedly been to! Personally, I’m looking forward to being allowed back into Canada again. I believe I’ve apologized to the right people and paid the appropriate legal fees. Let the healing begin.

Check THIS out:

Mezco One:12: The Amazing Spider-Man

This isn’t the first One:12 figure I’ve featured in Figure Friday and it most likely won’t be the last…but it may be the one that finally breaks me.

Like any toy collector born at the ass-end of the ’70s I had my share of Mego figures and two of my favorites were the Spider-Man and Gil Gerard Buck Rogers figures. Both had fabric outfits which they swapped often. Of the two, Spider-Man was my constant companion, there was just something about the figure and how posable it was when compared to my Star Wars figures, something that totally befit a toy of the wall crawler.

I’m not sure when the flip came over but eventually the 3.75-inch figures won out. Maybe it was portability or maybe it was just the sheer volume of my collection but my larger Spider-Man eventually got retired to the toy box when the Secret Wars line came out and then that figure and most of the cast of Star Wars were toted along with me.

What rabbit? That yellow tote I’m clutching onto for dear life is absolutely FILLED with Star Wars figures.

There’s also the other factor of the Mego Spider-Man having, you know, actual clothes. Some of you may have already got there before me but a large figure with clothing ceases to be an action figure and becomes A DOLL and dolls are FOR GIRLS. I’m not sure where this societal pressure came from but the call wasn’t coming from inside the house in this instance. I suspect a secret plot by Big Kenner to push the idea that smaller, all plastic toys were the way to go for young men about town in the 1980’s. At any rate, I fell for it like a sucker and to this day I still equate larger scale figures with cloth outfits as “dolls” and that they, by extension are not for me.

As of this writing we’re at least two decades into the “premium format figure” game and the mere existence of that term is proof positive that I’m not the only one out there who fell for the anti-doll propaganda. If you ever want to see an insecure collector lose their shit, call one of their Hot Toys figures a “doll” and you’ll be treated to the LOTR: Director’s Cut of rants about how they’re totally NOT dolls.

That brings us to the Mezco One:12 The Amazing Spider-Man!

There is an absolute mountain of evidence for the case of do—“premium format figures” being totally cool and ready for you to collect them. The Amazing Spider-Man is absolutely right at the top of that mountain too. While I was busy sending my Mego Spidey on adventures I was also reading Marvel’s reprints of the Stan Lee & Steve Ditko run on Amazing Spider-Man which absolutely shaped how I view the character to this day. The One:12 version looks like it was lifted directly from Ditko’s classic artwork. Amazing, indeed.

I don’t think it can be overstated how perfect and iconic Ditko’s costume design was for Spider-Man. Some would argue that John Romita Sr. was the one that “perfected” it but the Ditko design is the one from which all other spider-suits spring. Everything else is just slight tweaks and variations on what he did sixty years ago.

The One:12 figure comes with a whole mess of accessories, alternate heads and hands, special light-up features, web effects, spider-tracers, a camera, and even a stand! The figure is targeted for release in Q1 of 2023 and I just may finally succumb to its siren song by then.

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