Gilbert Speaks on Children of Sin

One of the best lines from this little gem is, “All the weird shit happens in Florida.” I had another opportunity to review a film for Biff Bam Pop, and it certainly covered all the weird stuff we’ve been witnessing the last few years. Find out why I believe that the Children of Sin will be a big hit when it is released later this month.

Children of Sin

Children of Sin is a 2022 American horror film that was produced, written, and directed by Christopher Wesley Moore who also stars in the film. The film is quite upsetting to watch because we know that cult-like-Christians have not only been in the news, but that they have succeeded in shoving their religious cult-like rules down the rest of America’s throats.

The film follows a young brother and sister, Emma (Meredith Mohler) and Jackson (Lewis Hines) as they adjust to their mother’s future husband, Robbi (Jeff Buchwald). Tammy (Keni Bounds) is clueless to her children’s reservations about their new stepfather. Robbi is a religious control freak who feels he can beat the gay out of Jackson and punish the whore out of the pregnant Emma.

Emma is worried about her mom’s well being and is afraid that Robbi might hurt her with the blessing of the church that they belong to. Emma begs her mom to leave Robbi, but mom is one of those women who always makes bad choices when it comes to men, but Emma persists until mom discovers the pregnancy test in the trash. Emma and Jackson are whisked away during the night by their mother, thinking they are leaving Robbi, but instead, mom brings them to a place called Abraham House.

Mary Esther

Jo-Ann Robinson is absolutely fantastic as Mary Esther, the den mother of Abraham House. The children under her charge were sent there either by the church, or by their parents for either being gay, thinking about being gay, or being pregnant due to rape or incest. In this place of extreme conversion therapy, God’s will is beaten into the children under Mary Esther’s roof. As Mary Esther rules with an iron rod, we soon learn that she has her own dark secrets.

Robinson brings a touch of Jessica Lange’s American Horror Story crazy to the film, and boy does this work in adding the fear and horror that makes this film a gem.

Anyone who follows my posts on Biff Bam Pop! know me for reviewing mostly horror or science fictions films and TV series, but as I have said many times before, no monster or alien is as frightening as the monsters who hide behind religion and politics. Right now, as you read this review, the Evangelical Taliban have taken control of our country. They are a cult. They are forcing their hateful interpretations of the bible down our throats by changing the law to suit them. Conversion therapy places do exist, and children have died in those places.

Okay, I am done preaching, but I am highly recommending everyone watch Children of Sin. I hope that we will be blessed with more films from Christopher Wesley Moore. The film will be released on April 22nd.  Watch it!

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