Jim Starlin Plants Roots With Horror Story “Midnight Rose” on The Wednesday Run

Andy Burns here, stepping into the big shoes of Mr. JP Fallavollita, who has been downed by illness (not THAT one). I’ll do my best for my Godfather.

This week sees the release of a new one-shot story from the legendary Jim Starlin, he who created the inevitable Thanos for Marvel Comics, and whose spacefaring sagas are beloved my comic readers (I knew a fella who never read comics but loved Dreadstar). However, Midnight Rose, published by AfterShock Comics, is a very different beast compared to the work Starlin is best known for.

Here’s the blurb:

Join the legendary Jim Starlin (Creator of Thanos, Gamora, Dreadstar) and Nikkol Jelenic (AFTERDARK, A Taste for Killing, The Fall, Red Crow) on a journey through the life of a singular, frightening and very human creature: MIDNIGHT ROSE. A particularly bizarre tale of loneliness, love and what happens when you can’t help but give in to the vengeance growing deep within yourself. 

And here’s some comments from Starlin on the book itself:

“It’s about living an alternative life and the ramification of such a hand being dealt to you. But out of the ashes of misery and hardship sometimes a grand legacy buds.”

While the story is compelling, the real star of Midnight Rose is the gorgeous artwork from Nikkol Jelenic. Readers may come because of the Jim Starlin name recognition factor, but they’ll stay for Jelenic’s work, which can veer from romantic to horrific in just a panel.

Midnight Rose is out today so make the Wednesday run to your local comic book shop (or digital store) and dig up a solid horror story that might make you think twice about watering your plants.

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