The Week in Horror: ‘Studio 666’, Bray Wyatt, ‘Silent Night’, ‘Elves’, + more!

This week, we’re getting decked out for the holidays with a couple of Christmas horrors, as well as projects from unlikely stars Dave Grohl and former WWE star Bray Wyatt!

Hatchet 3 director BJ McDonnell unveiled a secret horror comedy this week via Deadline called Studio 666, which stars the entire lineup of the Foo Fighters – Taylor Hawkins, Nate Mendel, Pat Smear, Chris Shiflett & Rami Jaffee –  as well as frontman Dave Grohl. Studio 666 is about “what happens when the legendary rock band rents an Encino mansion steeped in grisly rock and roll history, to record their 10th album. Trouble is, frontman Grohl is creatively blocked, and when evil forces in the house sink into his consciousness, the creative juices begin flowing but so does the blood. Can Foo Fighters’ complete the album, with the band still alive to tour?”

The supporting cast includes Whitney Cummings, Will Forte, Jenna Ortega and Jeff Garlin and the film is filmed in the same house where the band recorded their most recent album, Medicine at Midnight. Expect to see Studio 666 on February 25 in theatres.

Fresh off his release from WWE, the former Bray Wyatt (Windham Rotunda) is set to go in front of the camera for a new horror movie directed by Jason Baker, from Tom Savini’s special effects shop. Baker worked with Savini to create the iconic ‘Fiend’ mask for Rotunda in WWE, as well as the mask for Ethan Hawke’s character in The Black Phone. Baker told UK’s Metro that, “[Rotunda is] a phenomenal collaborator, he’s become a really good friend, and we’re actually – you’re the first person that we’re publicly telling about. We’re starting a film at the end of the month.”

Says Baker about the as-yet-untitled film, “Two weeks to go, we’re filming in Tennessee. It’s a feature film and it’s something really new and different. I’d say probably the best way to describe it is Ichi the Killer meets Xanadu.”

Halloween Kills will be released digitally with an extended cut on December 13 and is also getting a 4K Ultra HD steelbook DVD release on January 11, 2022 according to Bloody Disgusting. According to David Gordon Green’s interview with Collider, the Extended Cut will feature an extended, alternate ending, as if the original isn’t shocking enough.

Gordon Green says of the ending that “there’s an additional scene that we filmed that was scripted. And actually I think is a pretty brilliant scene. So we’re going to do an extended version on the DVD, just so people can see an extended ending that’s different and cool. We ended up lifting it when I became more confident of where we’re going to pick up in the next movie, it felt it didn’t feel authentic to where we’re going to go. So we lifted it…It’s part of the movie. It’s just not part of the appropriate momentum of…I think it was cool in its own right as watching a one-off movie, but knowing where we’re going to exactly where we’re going to pick up which, you’ll know in a year, it wasn’t the right look in the eye that we needed to give the audience.”

It’ll be interesting to see how or if this changes the context of the final shocking scenes in Halloween Kills that are surely leading into next year’s trilogy finale Halloween Ends. You’ll have to wait another month to find out, though.

Netflix is getting onto the Christmas spirit a month early with the release of it’s twisted elf-themed horror series called, uh, Elves. The Danish series tells of “A Christmas vacation [that] turns into a nightmare for a teenager and her family when they discover an ancient menace that stalks their island getaway.” Netflix is pulling in some fun stuff on the horror front lately, with this summer’s Fear Street and Blood Red Sky, so silly as this sounds I’m willing to give it a shot. Check out the trailer ahead of the November 28 release of Elves (on Netflix, naturally).

Some of the biggest news this week was that Leonardo DiCaprio will be playing the infamous Jonestown cult leader, Jim Jones in an upcoming film from MGM. Deadline reports that Jim Jones will depict the mass suicide of 900 people at the cult’s compound in Guyana from a script by Scott Rosenberg (Venom, Beautiful Girls, Con Air, High Fidelity, Gone in 60 Seconds, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Jumanji: The Next Level). The actual event is horrific enough that Jim Jones can’t be anything but. Jonestown was previously depicted (sort of) in Ti West’s The Sacrament (2013).

Indiewire reported that the newest installment of the Predator series will be called Prey and will take the series 300 years into the past, as a Comanche warrior faces down the alien hunter. The film is by Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane). I’m down for anything that takes the franchise in a different direction, as I was really not a fan of 2018’s The Predator.

We also got a first peek at the film with a still for Prey:

Would you believe me if I told you that one of the scariest movies I saw at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival was a Christmas movie starring Keira Knightley? Well, that’s not the only unexpected thing that Camille Griffin’s Silent Night throws at you. On the surface it’s the story of a family getting together for the holidays, but something much, much darker – maybe the darkest possible thing – lurks just beneath.

Silent Night stars Keira Knightley (Imitation Game), Matthew Goode (Downton Abbey), Roman Griffin Davis (Jojo Rabbit), Annabelle Wallis (Malignant), Lily-Rose Depp (The King), Ṣọpé Dìrísù (His House), Kirby Howell-Baptiste (Cruella), Lucy Punch (Into the Woods), Rufus Jones (Stan & Ollie) and Trudie Styler. It will be released in theaters and on AMC+ on December 3.

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