Make Unseen Connections By Reading “Rivers” On The Wednesday Run

Between all the superhero, science fiction, fantasy and horror comic books that are published and released on a weekly basis, there exists those other works of art that say something important about the world in which we live, and in ourselves.  

That’s not to say those other comics don’t do that as well. They just take up most of the North American oxygen…and prevalent shelf space at our local comic book shops and bookstores.

It’s nice, then, to find a comic book outside of the norm, that speaks to some aspect of truth in the way we live our lives. We’re at home more than we ever have been before. We’re more reliant on Facebook and Twitter and Zoom and Tinder and on-demand and all the apps on our now 5G-ready phones than ever before.

In a long and drawn out pandemic-induced isolation, we’ve, strangely, never been more connected.

But, perhaps, not in obvious ways.

Rivers written and illustrated by David Gaffney and Dan Berry; published by Top Shelf Comix.

Released today, Rivers is a new graphic novel that explores some of those more obscure connections we have with one another in our shared digital age and in our pasts – and what those connections mean to us.  

Written and illustrated by David Gaffney and Dan Berry (who together released The Three Rooms in Valerie’s Head), Rivers is the modern-day story of three disparate and lonely people who find an unconventional commonality with one another.  

Gideon is an I.T. developer, obsessed with a comic book from his childhood.

Heidi busily works at home. In her pajamas. And doesn’t have time for friends.  

Peter is a divorcee on the other side of mid-life and thinks a lot about his past.

Strangely, these three individuals share the same recurring dream. And when a new web-service starts up that helps people share their dreams, what happens when they finally find out about each other?  

The 176-page Rivers softcover graphic novelis clever, profound, whimsical, and altogether real. It’s the perfect antidote for our 5G world and perfect reading for lovers of storytelling, the comic book art form and each other.

Biff Bam Pop! regular contributor E.A. Henson (Heroes & Villains) also picked Rivers as a noteworthy book to share with readers today in his regular column. I always knew we shared the same pop culture ether in addition to various unseen and unknown connections!

And that’s the point behind the truth that is Rivers.

Make the run to your local comic book shop and pick up Rivers today. Let’s get – and stay – connected.  

You can check out a short preview of Rivers here.

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