Gilbert Speaks on Werewolves Within

My first love will always be zombies, but after that comes werewolves and vampires. I have been looking for a good werewolf film to watch and my good friend and boss, Andy Burns, suggested Werewolves Within. Does this film have enough bite to make it worth watching?

Werewolves Within

Werewolves Within is a 2021 comedy horror film produced by Ubisoft Motion Pictures, directed by Josh Ruben with the screenplay by Mishna Wolff. The film is based on the video game that you can play with Oculus Rift. The film stars Sam Richardson, Milana Vayntrub, Catherine Curtin, Cheyenne Jackson, Michaela Watkins, and Glenn Fleshler.

The film starts out with a new Park Ranger, Finn (Sam Richardson), arriving in the small town of Beaverfield. He stays at the Beaverfield Inn that is run by Jeanine (Catherine Curtin) whose husband abandoned her for another woman. A friendly postal worker, Cecily (Milana Vayntrub) gives Finn a tour of the town as she explains that tensions are high because of a proposed gas pipeline. An agent for the Midland Pipeline, Sam Parker (Wayne Duvall) is there to coerce or bully the townsfolk into selling their property so that the pipeline can be built. Not everyone is on board to contaminate the world, and neighbors are bickering.

The slow, but funny pace of Ranger Finn meeting all the dysfunctional townsfolk in Beaversfield including: a very conservative couple, Trisha and Pete (Michaela Watkins and Michael Chernus) who blame “Antifa” for everything including the death of her dog, Cha-Chi. We are also introduced to married millionaire couple, Joaquim, and Devon (Harvey Guillen and Cheyenne Jackson) who own a yoga studio. Beaversfield also has a couple of horny mechanics thrown into the mix for extra laughs, but the most mysterious of the townsfolks are a man called Emerson Flint (Glenn Fleshler) who is a trapper, and a scientist Dr. Ellis (Rebecca Henderson) who we are not quite sure why she is staying at the inn.

When people start dying from an animal attack, everyone turns to Ranger Finn to save the day, but Finn has his work cut out for him because of a snowstorm and the powerlines are down. Everyone is a suspect. Who is the werewolf?


I really enjoyed Werewolves Within. Thank you, Andy Burns. The cast is amazing, and their characters could easily fit into any Agatha Christie film. The film is both scary and funny at the same time. It’s a little bit Schitt’s Creek and Knives Out meets American Werewolf in London. Watch it.

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