Exclusive: Writer Mishna Wolff discusses ‘Werewolves Within’

In last week’s edition of Gilbert Speaks, our own Marie Gilbert wrote about the new film Werewolves Within. Written by Mishna Wolff and directed by Josh Ruben, the film is a horror-comedy adaptation of the Ubisoft video game. Think of it as Clue meets Agatha Christie with werewolves and you get the idea of the film, which is extremely entertaining.

I had the chance to talk to writer Mishna Wolff about Werewolves Within – how she got involved with the Ubisoft Women’s Film And Television Fellowship and IFC; her love of gaming and background in it; her writing process and more. Mishna was a lot of fun to talk to (as you’ll see), and as the dad of a young daughter who wants to get involved in video games, I found her extremely inspiring.

Werewolves Within is now available to rent on AppleTV, and will be available this fall on IFC Films Unlimited.

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