The Week in Horror: ‘Evil Dead,’ ‘Evil West,’ ‘In Praise of Shadows,’ ‘Creepshow’

Hello, fiends!

Welcome back to your weekly dose of horror news high lights. I have been knee deep in publishing business when I’m not buried at my day job, so I haven’t watched (checks notes) anything, since Castle Freak dropped on Shudder, so I’m jonesing for a good horror fix. I got that the other afternoon, checking out one of my favorite YouTube channels, In Praise of Shadows, which just uploaded part two of a three hour “History of Horror Comics.” These two hour and a half long videos are very good deep dives into the rise and fall and rise of horror in comic books, spending a hell of a long time on the 1954 trials, censorship, and the creation of the Comics Code Authority. I’m posting the video for part two below, but I recommend subscribing and checking out his videos on Fulci’s The Beyond, why Batman should always be gothic, and the lost art of painted horror book covers.

I’ve never been much of a gamer, ever. I only got excited about a Nintendo game when it was a Castlevania or a Batman game and I’m still pretty much the same. But now, two new games have caught my eye, the first being a new Evil Dead game, the first since the Playstation 2, which features some familiar characters from the Ash vs Evil Dead TV series as well as one from Army of Darkness, very interesting! I wonder if the game will be an in canon continuation from the TV series, which was a direct sequel to Army. At any rate, the graphics look great and I’m really looking forward to it.

The other game that caught my eye was Evil West. For one thing, I love a good violent western, and obviously I love horror, so yea, you’ve got my attention. But another thing about this trailer is that it reminded me of the David Barbour/Joe Vigil/Tim Vigil splatterpunk comics series, Gunfighters in Hell, which had cowboys fighting demons. I wonder if it was an inspiration for the game or just a coincidence? Anyway, dig this trailer, I think it’s going to be a hoot.

December 18th, fiends, Shudder gives you a new Creepshow Holiday Special! I’ve really liked this series and I’m glad its coming back for a second season sometime next year.

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