Seeing Your Favourite Marvel Heroes At Home Makes Lockdown A Little Brighter

Unless you’re a front line worker (and if you’re reading this and you are one, thank you for doing what you do), you’ve probably been stuck at home. A lot. Like, 9 months now, for the most part. It’s one of those things that, even when we were able to go outside more, for me, I never felt entirely safe doing so. Nope, I’m waiting for that vaccine before I’m prepared to brave this brave new world.

Imagine if you were a superhero (not a real life one, like the ones I mentioned above) and there’s a pandemic going on. You’d probably be stuck at home as well. That’s the concept, anyway, behind a very sweet book that Marvel just released, the same company that just last week I was raving about their recent body horror books.

Heroes At Home
Writer: Zeb Wells
Artist: Gurihiru

Over the course of 84 gorgeous digital pages, Zeb Wells and Gurihiru depict the lives of heroes like Captain America, the Hulk, and many others as they have to stay inside, just like you and me. The stories are told digitally with one image per page, all of them wonderfully illustrated and, with the exception of the Captain Marvel story, void of any dialogue. Though it’s all entertaining and great to look at, Heroes At Home is an extremely quick read, whether you pick it up physically or digitally. You’ll be done within minutes and the book is definitely a little pricey when you consider the amount of time it will take to get through it. However, on the flip side, Heroes At Home is a book you’ll likely come back to read regularly, for a laugh and maybe even a bit of comfort.

Marauders #16
Writer: Gerry Duggan
Artist: Stefano Caselli

On an entirely different note, the latest issue of Marauders finds Kate Pryde and Emma Frost finally confronting Sebastian Shaw following Kate’s untimely demise a few issues back do to Shaw’s underhanded dealings. With X of Swords taking over the world of X for the last few months, it’s been a bit of a wait to see Kitty lay the smack down on her killer, but it was definitely worth it.

Alongside Jonathan Hickman’s core X-Men book, Marauders is my current favourite of the many, many X-books out there. Much of it has to do with Kate Pryde being at the helm; she’s one of the great comic book characters, and it is great that Marvel has allowed her to age up over decades, growing from an impressionable teen to a leader who can hold her own against virtually anyone.

Plus, two thumbs way up for the simply outstanding cover for this issue, courtesy of Russell Dauterman. He captures the spirit and fun of Marauders, including the increasingly compelling relationship with between the Red and White Queens.

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