The Week in Horror: In Search of Darkness, Alan Parker, Friday the 13th

Happy Monday, fiends! How’s everyone holding up?

This week marked the 34th anniversary of my all time favorite Friday the 13th Part 6; Jason Lives. Directed by Tommy McCloughlin, who brought not just a Universal Monster vibe to to the Jason saga, but a sense of fun that never hurts the horror. It’s not terribly bloody, not gory at all, but the film still boasts one of the bigger body counts and one of the scarier versions of Jason. Friday the 13thPart 6; Jason Lives also wraps up the Tommy Jarvis trilogy, this time with Thom Mathews from Return of the Living Dead stepping into the role of Tommy, which of course originated in Part 4 with Corey Feldman.

Sad to say we have to say farewell director Alan Parker, who was quite a visionary and stylish filmmaker. For us horror fans, he’s probably best known for his sexy horror noire Angel Heart, starring Mickey Rourke, Robert DeNiro, and Lisa Bonet. For me, personally, it was his adaptation of Pink Floyd’s The Wall that resonated with me. That film is likely tied with Dawn of the Dead with being the film I rented the most in middle and high school. Farewell, Mr Parker.

Now streaming on Shudder is an amazing documentary on 80s horror, called In Search of Darkness. Featuring interviews with Heather Langenkamp, Caroline Williams, Barbara Crampton, Bill Mosely, Ryan Turek, and many others. The doc goes year by year, highlighting some of the best films, as well digging into tropes heroes and heroines, special effects and more. It’s damn near four and a half hours and worth every minute!

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