Heroes & Villains: The Flash x 2, Marauders

This week has a rather robust comics release schedule when compared to the previous week and I, for one, am pretty stoked about it. My LCS is currently doing curbside service in addition to appointment shopping which kind of makes me want to put on my bespoke suit to go an browse their finer CGC graded books. Perhaps with a monocle.

Of course all this comes on the heels of a 3-day weekend in the US where some folks took the opportunity to go and get as CLOSE AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE to each other. There’s some widely circulated footage out there right now of a tightly packed group of people partying it up at a dock or pool of some sort. All I can see is a gigantic petri dish.

So with THAT in mind, I shall continue to stay home and read comics. Here’s some highlights from this week’s pull.

58F07DFB-83EF-4BDE-8C5E-5466B803D0EEThe Flash 753 AND 754
Joshua Williamson (W)
Howard Porter (A)
DC Comics

That’s right! TWO Flash books are on the stands this week and it couldn’t have come at a better time for me. See, I’m big fan of the character from way back and one of the first comics I had was a pre-Crisis Barry Allen era issue in which he goes up against The Eradicator…no, not the Superman guy. This was The Flash #314 from July of….1982?!?All my joints hurt for some reason right now.

Williamson recently announced that he’s leaving The Flash title as of issue #762 which will bring his RUN (too easy) on the title to a staggering one hundred and five issues. That puts him solidly in the the legends category with Johns and Waid for epic tenures of the title. It also seems like he just started writing the book too which just goes to show that no matter how fast The Flash is, time goes just a bit faster.

It’s somewhat rare for me to stick with a book for so long. Generally, I’ll follow creative teams or writers to their next endeavor after giving the new creative team a few issues as a tryout. It’s not always because I don’t like what the new crew is up to, I just need some distance from the book. The last nearly hundred issues of The Flash have been a consistently good read for one of DC’s top tier characters and I’m looking forward to seeing what Williamson does next.

D516C484-79DB-4D3C-A7BC-1D4ED93ACB74Marauders #10
Gerry Duggan (W)
Stefano Caselli (A)
Marvel Comics

Full disclosure: I like using the phrase “full disclosure” no matter how over used it is. Also, Marauders is a book that I had to be talked into picking up. For some reason my perception of the book as “mutants on a pirate ship” did not initially thrill me. But after much urging by BBP!’s editor-in-chief, I relented and have been enjoying the book as one of the best X-titles since the much publicized relaunch late last year.

The Hickman-penned main X-Men book is doing some real heavy lifting these days and every subsequent issue is being painting the new world of Marvel’s Merry Mutants in incredibly broad strokes. Books like Marauders and New Mutants are doing a lot of the finer, detail work for the X-titles and really filling out the world. It also doesn’t hurt that Marauders had been a totally fun read from the get-go.

Presently, I’m reading X-Men, New Mutants, Marauders, and Wolverine (the last of which just got started before the industry derailed for a couple months). As I mentioned above, titles such as these are doing a lot of the fleshing out of the world that I don’t feel like I’m getting with the main X-Men book. As a non-spoiler example, a main X-Men character was killed in X-Force (a book I’m not reading) and it was only mentioned in passing in X-Men before the character was back to normal an issue or two later. Now, in the current state of things, death is even less of a big deal to the X-Men as it had been previously. Getting killed in an X-book is now equivalent to messing up your back and losing a weekend to recuperation. It’s possible that this unceremonious death in a title other than the main one was just another way Hickman is subverting expectations and tossing out the rule book.

Now, I did a lot….A LOT…of comic book reading in the 90’s and every issue was a part of a crossover that you DARE NOT MISS or you’ll be totally out of the loop. So, it’s going to take me a while to revisits the impulse to buy every single X-book on the stands right now. I don’t think my wallet can take it.

The Snyder Cut

Bet you thought I was going to have a hot take on that bit o’ news. Nope!

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