Songs in the Key of X, Episode 55: The Weekdays Show

Why do weekends get all the glory? Weekdays are also days and they happen during the week! That seems like a good enough reason to write songs about them. Here are five songs about days of the week and Saturday and Sunday were not invited! Don’t tell them. They’ll take it personally.

Listen to the tiniest radio show on the internet as Jeffery X Martin presents those songs to you, and there are some real obscurities in the list this week. He likes it when he can pull those tunes out. There’s a podcast! There are videos! There’s a Spotify playlist! What else do you want? X gives and gives and gives.


Why isn’t Bell & James on Spotify? Yeah, I’m talking to you, Spotify! Get your act together, you music streaming service! Actually, it probably isn’t your fault. It’s music rights or something, I’m sure. Creative differences of some kind. Either way, please follow the Songs in the Key of X playlist because you need it. Really. You do.

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