Heroes & Villains: The Perry Bible Fellowship Almanack HC 10th Anniversary Edition + Up From The Skies

Wednesday! A time for new comics and such. It’s a week like any other week except this very week I became an uncle. It seems weird and wrong that 1) I’m old enough to have a sibling that’s having a kid and B) I’ll potentially be looked at by my niece as an actual adult that has shit figured out. My plan is to steer hard into the “Weird Uncle E.” role to provide the kid with a balanced upbringing. “Hey kid, let’s watch this weird David Lynch monkey movie…”

Also, my sister gifted me a t-shirt for Christmas was a picture of Jedi Master Yoda and reads “Yoda Best Uncle”. My path is clear.


STL130317.jpegThe Perry Bible Fellowship Almanack HC (10th Anniversary Edition)
Nicholas Gurewitch
Dark Horse Comics

I can’t exactly remember when or how I stumbled across The Perry Bible Fellowship as a webcomic but it was definitely while I was working a temp job post-college that required both minimum effort and concentration from me. Working late at night with little to no supervision left me with ample time to explore the blossoming world of webcomics.

At the time webcomics and the internet itself largely eliminated my need for the local weekly alternative newspaper. I could go right to the source of the very thing I picked up the paper for without having to wade through ads for local bands or “discreet massage encounters” (wink, wink). It was a new golden age for me and on one particularly dull night, I clicked through every cartoon that had been uploaded to the PBF website. I would like to think that the ad revenue I generated with my clicks allowed Gurewitch to purchase a cup of coffee from a mid-tier gas station.

The Perry Bible Fellowship was unlike other webcomics of the day because of the way it elevated the art form. While most comics looked like they were shoddily pieced together in MS Paint, PBF was giving readers lush illustrations and darkly humorous strips. It was a far cry from the three-panel “video game, video game, pop-culture reference” structure that other strips relied on.

It was a great day when I saw that Dark Horse was putting out a 10th Anniversary Edition of The Perry Bible Fellowship Almanack. This book is definitely going on my shelf because it is essential reading if you are a comics fan.

The Perry Bible Fellowship will be in stores 1/29.

Kickstarter Alert!

It’s been a spell since I’ve done one of these so let it be known that if you or someone you know is a comics creator working on getting a project funded…get at me in the comments so I can signal boost your work!

A shade over two years ago when I was a wet-behind-the-ears part-time contributor here at Biff Bam Pop! I had the chance to write about a project from Unlikely Heroes Studios as one of my first pieces. Well, some time has passed, I’m a bit more seasoned and damp in other places and I’m writing about another book from Unlikely Heroes!

It’s called Up From The Skies. Check it out:

Up From The Skies.png

A  trippy, dreamy survival tale and interstellar bromance between a spacefaring prince and the ice-age hunter who rescues him. 

As he works to keep the alien visitor alive, the hunter begins to realize that there is something exceptional about their time together, something sung about by his clan’s wise man, but something that still remains … incomplete.

Facing brutish predators and sly, plotting wolves, their bond grows stronger – but how can it last when their destinies are surely so different?

One of the things I love about doing the Heroes & Villains column is the amount of new stuff I get to see on a weekly basis and Up from the Skies really fits the bill. The concept is intriguing, the artwork is AMAZING and you can help make this thing real by going and throwing some money at their Kickstarter right now. They’ve got some great reward tiers and it starts at as little as five bucks!

Up from the Skies on Kickstarter

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