Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Video Games on Boxing Day

If I know you how I think I do, there’s a good chance you got a PlayStation 4 or a Nintendo Switch for the holidays. If you already had a console, there’s a good chance you got a PlayStation or Nintendo estore gift card. Or maybe a card to Game Stop of EB Games. Or maybe you just got some scratch you want to buy some video games with.

Ok, I may not be Kreskin, but either way, I bet you’re itchin’ for some video game action today when big titles are on sale. Here’s a rundown of some of excellent video game-related stuff that have passed through our doors of late that are definitely worth a purchase.

91lzd5H8XML._AC_SL1500_.jpgDays Gone

This post-apocalyptic third-person open-world game was years in the making, and it didn’t disappoint when it finally arrived earlier this year. There are hordes of cannibalistic Freakers at every turn along with humans you may not want to trust, as your character, a badass biker named Deacon searches for his long thought dead wife. The graphics are solid, as is the gameplay and voice acting. Zombie games have really become a dime a dozen over the years, but the search amount of Freakers that show up on the screen at any given moment helps Days Gone rise above the pack. This PS4 exclusive title, along with the others that follow, is a prime example of just how good a video game can be.

You can order Days Gone here.

81+T1Wu4gVL._AC_SL1500_.jpgDeath Stranding

Another game that was years in the making, directed by legendary creator Hideo Kojima. In this (wait for it) post-apocalyptic game, you play as Sam Porter Bridges (Norman Reedus), a courier who is tasked with making deliveries across a fractured world while avoiding creatures out in the wild. Death Stranding is visually stunning and has some big names attached to it (along with Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Margaret Qualley and Guillermo Del Toro appear). It also has a fantastic soundtrack. You need to have some patience for this one though, as the cut scenes are extremely long, and there’s a lot of walking involved. Death Stranding is less a straight-ahead video game and more an extremely immersive science fiction film. It’s definitely unique and unlike anything you’ve ever played before.

You can order Death Stranding here.

81AMnfUfRBL._AC_SL1500_.jpgSpider-Man: Game of the Year Edition

Yes, this game came out in 2018, and yes, we did review it last year. But that was before the Game of the Year edition was released, compiling all of the excellent download content that added even more value to this game. If you don’t have it, it’s on sale everywhere now and worth your time.

You can order Spider-Man: Game of the Year Edition here.


MARS Light Gun

This is a bit of a throwback to the old Sega Master System and NES days, when Duck Hunt was a big deal. However, in 2019 your Light Gun is wireless and untethered (as long as you’re in range of the camera that the main set comes with). There are three games designed for the MARS Light Gun – Voyage of the Dead, Big Buck Hunter: Arcade, and Quibit’s Quest. The latter is probably the most family-friendly. You can get the games and accessories for both the PS4 and Xbox One. It’s an easy setup.

Order the MARS Light Gun and games here.

Deluxe-Travel-fight-pad_blue_1024x512PDP Wired Controllers

Wired controllers in 2019? Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, but all credit to the folks at PDP for working with the folks at The Pokemon Company International to release officially sanctioned controllers for the Nintendo Switch featured beloved characters including Pichu and Jigglypuff. The wires are long enough so you never worry that your going to send your console flying. The design work is nice and the controllers feel strong but not too heavy in your hands. The Princess and I have been using these controllers when playing Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, and I can’t imagine using any other controller when kicking butt.

You can order PDP Wires Controllers here.


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