Werewolves In Siberia return with ‘Terrifying Tales From the Mausoleum’

Just when you thought it was safe to turn on the radio while there’s a full moon, coming this Friday the 13th is our first new batch of songs from the synth horror wunderkind, Werewolves in Siberia, since February 2018! Terrifying Tales From the Mausoleum is 11 all-new tracks to score your nightmares.


Since 2013’s The Rising, Werewolves in Siberia aka Chris Cavoretto has been crafting scores for the movies in his head. I got into his music with 2014’s Beyond the City of the Living Dead and I’ve been a hardcore fan ever since. Releasing five full-length albums as well as many EPs and singles, WiS quickly built a body of work that stands shoulder to shoulder with the best of any synth-wave. Personally, I often have WiS playing while I’m writing my fiction. It’s the perfect score for the movies in my head.

I’m not sure what it is that changed for WiS since Exploration: Red Space, and I don’t want to use the word ‘reinvigorate,’ because the music has all been great, but he has definitely returned with new energy. There’s an X factor present across the album that, more than any other release, has me bobbing my head involuntarily. “Party on Vampire Island” is a perfect example-emphasis on the party, but it doesn’t forego the menace. Even “Welcome to the Red Table,” which really takes it’s time to build up had me swaying at my desk. “Sundown,” which follows “Party on Vampire Island,” is really the only melancholy song of the 11, but maybe melancholy isn’t really the right word, it’s just a bit more downbeat than the rest, reminding me more of something off Beyond the City of the Living Dead.

If you’re new to Werewolves in Siberia, Terrifying Tales From the Mausoleum is a great place to start and if you’re an older fan like me, you’re just going to love WiS even more. You’ll be able to purchase Terrifying Tales on Bandcamp along with the entire discography (which includes covers of Carpenter’s Halloween theme as well as synth covers of some Misfits classics) and t-shirts right HERE. Let your inner werewolf howl, baby!

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