The Week in Horror: ‘Edge of the Axe’, ‘Godzilla’, ‘Session 9’

Happy Sunday, fiends! Everyone have a great Halloween? Just because the thinning of the veil is over, doesn’t mean we’re going to slow down on our enjoyment and celebration of horror 365 days a year!

So what’s current?

There are a lot of exciting bits of news when it comes to re-releases and restorations of older films all the time, but one of the coolest announcements this week was for Jose Ramon Larraz’s 1988 made-for-TV movie, Edge of the Axe. Shot in Northern California, released on TV in Spain, then everywhere on VHS later (and cut by nearly half a minute in the UK). It’s a film that has long needed a restoration and Blu-ray release and Arrow Video is going to give it to us! We get a 2K restoration, English and Spanish language versions, newly translated English subtitles, new commentary tracks with star Barton Faulks and one with The Hysteria Continues, newly filmed interviews with Faulks and special effects artist Colin Arthur, and reversible cover art. The new cover art is a beautifully painted redesign of the old VHS box art, that gives us a bit more action and blood.

As of the 1st, Barnes & Noble’s Criterion 50% off sale is back on. While Criterion doesn’t have the deepest horror selection, they do have the brand new Showa Era 15 disc Godzilla collection, which retails for about $112. The collection itself looks beautiful, one of the finest packages Criterion has ever done. Check out the preview below, these films have never looked better. When it was first announced, I wasn’t really that excited, because I prefer the Heisei period (1984-1995), but damn, it’s just too cool.

In streaming news, one of the scariest and most underrated horror movies of all time hit Shudder this month, Session 9. I was lucky enough to catch a midnight showing of this film in Boston. It had received a very limited theatrical run and honestly, I hadn’t heard a word about it when my friend invited me. I was floored. My wife spent the last half hour of the film covering her ears with her face buried in my shoulder. almost twenty years later, I pointed out that it had just hit Shudder and she said, “are you fucking crazy?” How’s that for a ringing endorsement?

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