31 Days of Horror 2019: ‘Se7en’s’ Credits Remembered

For months, nay maybe years, I’ve wanted to revisit Se7en, the 1995 David Fincher film. I have it on DVD, but not Blu-ray, and I’ve really wanted to see how the film looks in high-def. Netflix to the rescue, as the streaming service recently added the film back.

There’s been a lot written about Se7en, and I’m not inclined to add too much more to the discussion, other than to say I think, twenty-four years later, the movie still holds up incredibly well in my mind. All the performances are delivered masterfully. And while Kevin Spacey may be persona non grata in Hollywood at this point (and by all evidence, rightfully so), there’s no way we can diminish he work in the film. All the actors are at the top of their game in Se7en.

So for this post, I simply want to share a video of what I think remains one of the greatest opening credits in film history. Designed by Kyle Cooper, the title credits set the stage for what’s to come. I really can’t think of a more memorable design, and I know I’m not alone, as they been written about by higher scholars than myself.

On that note, here they are for your perusal and reminder. As a bonus, I’m also sharing the end credits, which feature a classic David Bowie tune, ‘The Heart’s Filthy Lesson’, which also appeared on his great 1995 Brian Eno-produced album, Outside.

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