Trailer Time: CM Punk Buys a Haunted House in ‘Girl on the Third Floor’

Girl on the Third Floor looks pretty good, but it’s the movie’s star that will help draw people in. It’s often not a good thing when a professional fighter tries his hand at acting. Take CM Punk, for example. He famously left the WWE and went into the UFC. That did not turn out well for him. But it’s possible that acting just might be Punk’s thing. Take a look at the trailer for the upcoming horror flick, Girl on the Third Floor. Even in this little glimpse, Punk makes it easy to forget about his previous career. Is his presence in the film a strong selling point? Sure. But, even taking Punk out of the equation, this has my curiosity piqued. A haunted brothel? Count me in.

Girl on the Third Floor opens October 25.

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