In The Game: Hands On With The Nintendo Switch Lite

This past weekend I mentioned that I attended a VIP event with our friends at Nintendo, where I was able to test drive a series of upcoming games, including Pokemon Sword and Shield, Luigi’s Mansion 3, and The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.

What I didn’t tell you was that for the latter two, I was playing them on the new Nintendo Switch Lite.

Nintendo Switch Lite Artwork.jpg

Let me say right away, I was extremely cynical about the Lite when I first heard it was coming out. I think that the Nintendo Switch as it currently is may just be the finest gaming system on the market right now. With the ability to pick up and play high-quality games on an easily transportable system, its ease of use and connectivity to the docking station and, by extension, your television, it really doesn’t get any better.

And then I picked up the Lite. And it was, as described, extremely light. The sort of light that when you pick it up and start playing, you’re shocked at what you’re holding in your hands. And that’s where I believe the big appeal of the Lite rests, especially if the gamer is in possession of little hands. If you’re in the market of getting a Switch strictly for on the go purposes, I would suggest that you go with the Lite. You’re still getting the graphics, the same games and gameplay of the bigger system, without the heft.

The other reason you might want to spend the $260 for a Nintendo Switch Lite when it arrives September 20th is if someone in your home has co-opted the original device. For instance, the Princess constantly refers to the Switch as “hers,” which is hilarious considering the thing was a gift to me from my Mom and the Princess herself! Apparently, this situation isn’t unusual, as my fellow gamers discussed during our test drives. It’s not altogether surprising, either. The Nintendo ecosystem of games is extremely family-friendly, and while it certainly lends itself to family game time, it’s also the sort of system you want to claim for yourself (I know I do). While I wouldn’t go so far as to say the Lite is cheap, I would say it’s affordable. Again, if you’re buying it for strictly portability factor, you can’t go wrong here.

The aspect to keep in mind about the Nintendo Switch Lite is that the one thing it isn’t is a groundbreaker – not like the full-blown system with its Joy-Cons and a larger screen. Consider the Lite an excellent entry point, especially if price and portability are a factor.

Truthfully, you can’t go wrong with either system. That’s just how solid the Switch is.

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