Songs in the Key of X, Episode 45: The 1978 Show

Songs in the Key of X approaches the end of the Seventies this week as we look at music from 1978. You can hear the synth-driven sound of the Eighties slowly sliding into the zeitgeist, if one listens with the right ears. But these songs are in stereo, so you can use your left ears, too! If you can, that is. We do have a friend who is deaf in one ear. He’s a musician, though, so maybe that disclaimer makes no sense. But even our half-deaf friend, if he chose to do so, could listen to Jeffery X Martin’s tiny little podcast about his five favorite songs from 1978! He could use the video links below to listen to the songs in their entirety! And if he followed his heart, he could leave a comment below! Be like our friend, who can only hear out of one ear, even if you have fully functioning hearing! It’s 1978 all over again, which is especially great for people who don’t remember 1978!


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  1. A brilliant episode that captures an incredible turning point in music! And bookended by The Rutles and Buzzcocks, too. Thank you! <3

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