Biff Bam Pop! Kids Previews Fan Expo Canada


It’s me, the Biff Bam Pop Princess, here with a Fan Expo Canada preview for kids and their parents (but mostly kids :)). Fan Expo is this weekend, Thursday, August 22nd – Sunday, August 25th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. It has been going on for 25 years now. I’m not that old, I’ve probably gone to 4 or 5 of them. I go every year with my dad, he loves comics and pop culture and all that stuff. I will be dressed up as Captain Marvel on one day and Raven from Teen Titans Go! on another.

Here are some of the things I am excited about and that I think other kids will love too.


I am excited because I love Teen Titans Go! just as much as Starfire loves Silkie, her pet.

TARA STRONG is the voice of Raven and GREG CIPES is the voice of Beast Boy; they are coming and there is going to be a Q&A with them on Friday at 2 pm in Room 701a. I already have my questions ready for them!

Heather Antos.jpg

I am excited to meet Heather because she is the creator of the Marvel character Gwenpool and is an editor for Valiant Comics. She also loves penguins! I hope Heather can make a sketch of Captain Marvel as a penguin for me. My dad will probably talk about editing with her; he better not waste all of my time with her, though.


Miraculous is a tv show that has three seasons and is all over Netflix. There is also a comic book that I have read.

BRYCE PAPENBROOK and CRISTINA VEE are the voices of ladybug and cat noir and they will be doing a Q & A on Friday at 3:30 pm in Room 713a. Did I mention this show takes place in Paris?


I love looking around but most especially for LEGO Minifigures that you can’t find anywhere else. I am looking for more Captain Marvels, Nick Fury, Bruce Banner, etc.

There is lots more fun for kids at Fan Expo. You can see what’s happening in the Family Zone here.

My Dad and I will be at Fan Expo Canada for three days and no, we are not sleeping there. If you see us say hi. I hope you enjoyed this preview. There will be more from me soon I think but for now, BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


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