The Week In Horror: Under the Tusk-an Sun with ‘Boar’ on Shudder

Well, this has been a fucking week, right? Apparently, (and I haven’t seen a 100% confirmation of this) DC’s Swamp Thing has been canceled before the second episode even aired, due to North Carolina’s financial fuckery, which sunk the costly production. And then Dark Phoenix is getting mixed to negative reviews after its Friday debut, which has had the worst opening of any X-Men film to date. My guess, no one wanted a redo on the Dark Phoenix. I didn’t. I don’t believe you can do Dark Phoenix in a single movie and we didn’t get enough time to with Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey to go on that emotional journey with her. We didn’t get it with Famke Janssen either, to be honest. Both actresses are/were great as Jean and they both deserve to be in better movies. And I say that as an X-Men fan. The movies have been fine for what they are. Some have been really enjoyable. But, Bryan Singer and Fox have NEVER even come close to capturing what makes the comics so special and beloved. While I hate and worry about Disney’s wealth consolidation, it’s nice to know, at least, the X family has been taken from the hands of people who never cared about them in the first place.

Speaking of comics, Eibon Press/ Fulci Comics’ adaptation of Lucio Fulci’s gory and disturbing 1982 classic House by the Cemetery issue two went live Friday. The series is written by Stephen Romano with art by the legendary Vince Locke. Issue one was amazing, surpassing even my high expectations. House is about a family that moves into an old New England home which holds a terrible secret in the basement. While not the gorefest that City of the Living Dead aka Gates of Hell and The Beyond had been, House was still a harrowing and disturbing closer to Fulci’s Gates of Hell trilogy. The comic benefits from working without the budget constraints Fulci had and is able to open up the story and really fulfill the script in a new and exciting way. In my opinion, Fulci Comics are enhancing the movies the way Dennis Etchison’s novelization enhanced the original Halloween. The comics are either filling in, adding to, or properly fulfilling things that just weren’t possible due to schedules, technology, or budget. The books are not available in any store or digital platform. Fulci Comics are high quality, physical media only, sold directly from the publisher, 40 pages in a sturdy sleeve like a vinyl record, and shrink wrapped. Order yours HERE and start your Eibon library today.


Speaking of adaptations, I’ve raved extensively about my love for Jenn Wexler and Giaco Furino’s punk slasher The Ranger. Well, now let me direct you towards Ed Kurtz’s excellent novelization! Kurtz worked from the original script, so there are extra bits that didn’t make it into the film. I’ve heard Ed Kurtz’s name for a while name, but I don’t know his other work. He did such a good job on The Ranger I’m going to start ordering his books. Order The Ranger HERE.

Debuting on Shudder this week is the new film, Boar. Set in the Australian outback during a family vacation, a giant wild boar is menacing a community and a family on said vacation. Chop Top himself, Bill Moseley, is playing the patriarch. I’ve been trying to find time all weekend to watch the film because the trailer looks amazing. If you’re thinking, wait, wasn’t there already an Australian wild boar movie? Yea, it’s called Razorback and it’s brilliant. And there have certainly been a few other wild boar films over the years, but until we reach the ridiculous oversaturation of the shark film, I don’t think we should bitch. As I said, I’m stoked for this film. I love animal attack movies, like JawsGrizzly, and Day of the Animals. This looks like a quality scary gore film to hold us over until Aja’s Crawl hits theaters.


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