The Leftscape Podcast: ‘Like Flesh Covers Bone: Words with Poet Jan Steckel (Episode 43)’

Jan Steckel, poetAn award-winning poet from Oakland, CA, Jan Steckel, speaks with co-host Robin Renée about her life and work and reads from her most recent book, Like Flesh Covers Bone (Zeitgeist Press) in this week’s episode of The Leftscape. Arranged into sections that mirror the steps of surgery – Incise, Dissect, Ligate, Excise, and Suture – the book brings the reader into moving experiences, such as relationships that are personal and/or informed by the interplay of gender. It also speaks to the current U.S. political climate, which can feel like undergoing surgery sans anesthesia. The collection of poems opens up the painful and seeks to move through a process that ultimately brings healing. Jan shares her thoughts on being an out and proud bisexual in her poems and in the world, what poetry and other forms of literature can do for us, and the ways writing intersects with activism. The evocative poems she reads aloud touch on themes that range from deep praise for poet friends to the rise of fascist politics to sex and sadomasochism.

Jordan Coburn, A.G., Jaleesa Johnson - Mueller, She WroteIn the Why is this Awesome? segment, Robin raves about having seen Mueller, She Wrote live at The Miracle Theatre in Washington, DC. Hosts A.G., Jaleesa Johnson, and Jordan Coburn have been keeping up with the details of the Mueller investigation and all related news in a weekly podcast, plus special episodes for patrons. Rather than winding down after William Barr’s brief commentary on Mueller’s report, their humorous but serious pursuit of justice and an informed public is just getting started. They are currently up for a couple of Webby Awards. You can vote for them in the People’s Choice category now!

Wendy Sheridan helps us all take a break from the intensity of political news this week by geeking out about the Hugo Award science fiction and fantasy nominations and paleontologist Robert DePalma’s recent find in Montana – a fascinating game-changer for our understanding of how the dinosaurs died. She also takes time to celebrate the life and work of science fiction author, Vonda McIntyre. Mary McGinley gives us the week’s reasons to celebrate – National Pet Day, National Dolphin Day, and National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day.

The Leftscape – the shape of progressive conversation: “Like Flesh Covers Bone: Words With Poet Jan Steckel (Episode 43).”

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