The Week In Horror: Adrienne Barbeau, ‘Rabid,’ ‘A Quiet Place 2’

Good morning, afternoon, or evening, fiends. Welcome back to The Week In Horror. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks catching up on some remakes and 90s horror films I’d originally turned my nose up at or just never got around to seeing (The Crazies, The Omen, Final Destination, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, to name a few) and one thing I came away with is A) why do we keep having a knee jerk reaction to remake announcements when they generally end up pretty good and B) 90s horror films need to be re-released without their terrible soundtracks. Terrible. Every one of them. Also, last night, we sat down with The Girl With All the Gifts and if you’re like me and you’ve lost all faith and hope that there’s still life in the zombie genre after the horrid tidal wave of bad CGI laden, straight-to-VOD fare, this one does Romero proud. I loved every single second of it and the cast, especially the lead girl, Sennia Nenua, were fantastic. I wish I had been on board with this film when it came out so I could be one of the many beating their drum in support.

But what’s happening in horror right now?

Adrienne Barbeau, who starred in many great films, like The Fog, Swamp Thing, and Escape From New York, will be hosting a podcast on women in horror on Shudder, called She Kills! According to Consequence of Sound, “The series focuses on female representation in horror and pairs Barbeau with legendary actors, directors, writers, and journalists. Among the many guests include Barbara Crampton, Jennifer Tilly, Dee Wallace, Karyn Kusama, et al.” (click the link above for the full article) How frigging exciting is that? All ten episodes will be available March 1st!

John Krasinski will be returning to direct A Quiet Place 2. I can’t imagine where they can go with this story after the first had such a nice ending. I mean, I can. I can think of a number of places they can go next, but the first felt like such a singular film and not the precursor to a big franchise. But, hey, whatever they do, I’m on board for now. One thing I don’t want is a greater exploration of the monsters. Give me more character driven tales and don’t explain it all like I’m five. That’s what I want from horror. No release date yet, as production hasn’t even begun.

Dread Central got a pretty cool scoop, straight from Jen Soska, one half of the writing/directing Canadian powerhouse duo, The Twisted Twins (with her identical twin sister Sylvia) about their upcoming remake of David Cronenberg’s seminal classic Rabid. Longtime collaborative ally, actress, and performer Tristan Risk (American Mary, Innsmouth) will play three roles in Rabid! What those roles are, of course, is still a secret, but still very cool news indeed! Still no trailer or release date for the this Laura Vandevoort led body horror film, but its expected to be out this year and has screened for some small groups of executives. In the meantime, here’s Risk in action as Beatrice in the Soska’s American Mary.

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  1. I agree that the knee jerk reactions to remakes needs to be toned down…you don’t know a movie is good or bad until you see it. Because, until you see it, you don’t have an informed opinion. Imagine if they never remade The Fly because people didn’t want a remake? A wait and see approach is usually the best way to go.

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