It’s A Cosmic Prison Break In ‘Stronghold #1’ On The Wednesday Run

A stronghold is a place with high, thick walls, meant to keep uninvited guests out. Or, you know, keep them in, away from the rest of us.

The idea of walls keeping the scourge of society imprisoned is certainly not a new one. The use of walls keeping the “unwanted” of humanity away might be a little more relevant.

You’d think it’s an idea ripped form the last two years of political interest in the United States and, perhaps, Europe. But really, it’s an idea that has been pondered throughout the human history of this little blue marble called Earth, swiftly floating through the blackness of space. I mean, there once was a flood, and a wooden boat was used to keep everyone and everything out!

But I digress, Slightly. Let’s get back to the cosmos.

You see, there’s more to the blackness of space than just…blackness. No, there are powerful beings out there – and they know about us.

And, like us, they seem to have a penal system in place.

How’s that for cosmic horror?

Stronghold, Stronghold #1, Phil Hester, Ryan Kelly, Aftershock Comics, comic book, first issue, science fictionStronghold #1
Written By: Phil Hester
Illustrated By: Ryan Kelly
Published By: AfterShock Comics

Written by Phil Hester (The Coffin, Deathstroke, The Darkness) and illustrated by Ryan Kelly (The Wicked and the Divine, Lucifer, Saucer Country), Stronghold carries the pleasurable burden of a number of great and fascinating literary genres.

It’s all here: cosmic horror, science fiction, fantasy, tragedy, mystery and romance…all wrapped up in the heroes journey.

In Stronghold, readers will discover that planet Earth, the little blue marble swiftly floating through the black vastness of space, is, in fact, a prison. And it has a cosmic inmate: an amnesiac alien entity who wields an overwhelming power.

If only he could remember!

Instead, Michael Gray walks the earth as a Midwestern insurance underwriter who just happens to belong to a global secret society that is absolutely dedicated to making sure he never discovers his own true origins!

And if you know anything about the hero’s journey, you know that status quo is not going to last. In the balance: earth itself!

Make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up the cosmic awakening that is Stronghold #1!

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