The Week In Horror: ‘All The Creatures Were Stirring’, Christmas Movies, ‘Titans’ Finale and Batman, Fulci Comics

Happy Sunday, fiends! I’m back with your weekly hot injection of horror news. So hold on to your butts!

All The Creatures Were Stirring from Rebekah and David McKendry is now available exclusively on Shudder and physically at W@l-M@rt. If you’re a Tales of Halloween (which Rebekah and her daughter cameo in) fan, then All The Creatures… is your Yuletide equivalent. I interviewed David and that and a full review of the film will hopefully be done this week, but in the meantime, I wholly endorse this flick. It’s totally fun with a great cast!

Meagan Navarro, over at Bloody-Disgusting, has a nice run down of Christmas Horror films from around the world, if you’re looking for help keeping your Christmas creepy.

To me, Batman encompasses a lot of genres, horror included, so I don’t think it’s ever inappropriate to bring him up. Two bits of news have popped up, the first being the trailer for DC’s Titans series finale dropping and giving us our first small screen live-action Batman since Adam West donned the cowl! And holy Michael Myers, Batman, he kills Two-Face, The Riddler, The Joker, and a bunch of cops IN THE TRAILER. Now, Right off the bat, I’m calling shenanigans. I haven’t gotten to see the series yet, but I’m guessing maybe Trigon is screwing with reality? But who cares? This series looks great and I can’t wait to watch it. The next bit, comes from director Matt Reeves who indicated he’ll turn in his completed Batman script by the end of the year. This means we probably won’t get a new Batman until 2020, at least. Supposedly, this new film will focus on a younger Batman and be a smaller, more intimate, and mystery driven film. Ok, cool. But let me editorialize for a minute. Where Warner Brothers have gone wrong with solo Batman films up to this point is that they give us the grim, the brooding, the heartbreak, the darkness…but are super-light on balls to the wall action. Think about that sick Day of the Dead opening in Skyfall. Now imagine it at night, in Gotham, with Bats instead of Bond. That’s what big screen Batman movies are missing. Major action set pieces, Bats beating the dogshit out of rooms full of thugs. It’s why the Rocksteady Arkham games are so good and powerful. WB, take note, please. Also, Gotham is back in mid-January, and after a slow first season, has become the best live action DC show, and I say that as a fan of all of them.

Let’s talk Fulci Comics! Fulci/Eibon Comics have been producing adaptation/continuations of gory Italian horror master Lucio Fulci’s Zombie, Gates of Hell, and now House By The Cemetery, (we’re only missing The Beyond, now) along with an original title, Bottomfeeder, as well as an adaptation of Bill Lustig’s Maniac (which crosses over with Fulci’s New York Ripper). Now, Fulci Comics will unleash a gorgeous hardcover of their complete Zombie adaptation (four issues) in a really nice dust jacket and lots of extras packed in, like prints and trading cards. The regular edition retails for $50 while the psycho fan edition is $100. Fulci Comics is the brand to beat in presentation and preservation of individual issues, each of which comes in a protective sleeve like a record and is shrink wrapped. And gory? We haven’t seen the likes of the level of grue since the 90s, kids! Each issue is full color and printed on high quality paper. Stephen Romano, Shawn Lewis, and crew deliver amazing comics and this hardcover collection is a must-have for fans of horror comics, Fulci, and splatterpunk. Check them out HERE.


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