Holiday Gift Guide 2018: MacGyver The Escape Room Game

If you want to think of a perfect theme and mechanic combo, there’s no better one than making MacGyver into an escape room in a box game.

The MacGyver tv show featured a creative superspy who eschewed firearms instead of the gun between his ears.  He was the original jack of all trades kitbasher who could make stop a robbery with a hot water bladder and some vinegar. Played by eternal superstar Richard Dean Anderson in the classic 80s version (which this game is based on), this game bears his rugged good looks on the front of the box.


This box includes five different missions you’ll get to play once each (pieces are cut out or punched during play).  Each mission has several puzzles to solve, separated into different envelopes you’ll open along the way. Your play team will be able to solve them one at a time; there’s no splitting up to tackle different puzzles

During play, you need to be connected to the website for the game in order to proceed from puzzle to puzzle.  The site also acts as the timer for the game, and if you enter an incorrect answer you’ll receive a penalty.

Once you’ve completed each scenario you’ll add a tool to your pouch for use in future scenarios, and in the end you’ll have to bring your wits and tools together to battle your arch nemesis.

It’s odd, really.  I find it hard to think of a more perfect combination of theme and mechanic than MacGyver and a escape room puzzle.  If you have to shop for a die hard MacGyver fan or a lover of escape rooms and puzzle games, I can’t think of something better for them to find under the tree Christmas morning.  

You might find yourselves having played through before it’s time to carve the turkey!

You can order The MacGyvber Escape Room here.

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