’Venom’ and ‘A Star Is Born’ Will Bring Audiences Out This Weekend

It’s a HUGE weekend at the box office, as Sony tries to get audiences to embrace the anti-hero that is Venom, while Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga team up for their Oscar-buzz film, A Star Is Born.

I’ll be honest with you; while I already have my ticket for Venom Friday night, I am way more interested is seeing A Star Is Born. First of all, ‘Shallow’ is simply a beautiful song that’s I can’t get enough off. Second, there’s a chemistry between Cooper and Gaga that is shining through in the trailers, and if the glowing reviews are right, the two of them are incredible in the film. There’s lots of Oscar talk for everyone involved, and I am so eager to see A Star Is Born this weekend.

And then there’s Venom, which has been getting decidedly mixed reviews, and has some lacklustre buzz ever since we found out the movie was going to be rated PG-13 versus the hard-R that had originally been promised. I like Tom Hardy, and I’m interested in seeing what he does with the material he’s given, but I’m walking into Venom with very low expectations, which may not be such a bad thing.

So which will come out on top this weekend? That’s not a hard prediction – Venom is a Marvel property, and the trailers have been fun, so the film is going to have no trouble hitting number one this weekend. Look for it to debut with $60 million. A Star Is Born won’t be too far behind it, though, with a second place debut of $47 million.

As for the rest of the top five, Smallfoot will be third place with $14 million, while Night School, last week’s number one, will drop to fourth with $13 million. The House With The Clock In Its Walls will close things out in fifth place with $9 million.

So, to recap, here are our predictions:

1) Venom – $60 million
2) A Star Is Born -$47 million
3) Smallfoot – $14 million
4) Night School -$13 million
5) The House With A Clock In Its Walls – $9 million

Be sure to check back on Sunday to see how the weekend turns out!

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