The Week In Horror – Morbius The Living Vampire, Hatchet + More

If anyone says “hot enough for ya?” today, you’re free to punch them in the damn neck. I moved the hell out of the south to get away from this kind of heat. I’m worried my VHS collection is going to melt on the shelf! I’m thinking of putting my copy of Hellraiser, signed by Doug Bradley, in the fridge for safe keeping! Anywho, here’s your week in horror.

Jared Leto has been cast as the ‘Living Vampire’ for Sony’s Morbius film, part of their Spidey-Verse, which includes this October’s Venom. Morbius has been both friend and foe to Spider-Man, has worked solo, with the Midnight Sons (The Nightstalkers, Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze, and Blade), and led the Legion of Monsters. He’s the ‘living’ vampire, because he’s not a traditional un-dead vamp, but one changed by science.

Leto being cast is confusing, since we were just getting word that he would return to his Joker role in a standalone Joker film and in Suicide Squad 2. Now he’ll headline a Marvel/Sony film? Ok. The internet took a predictable crap on this news, but I think Leto is a solid choice for the role. I didn’t dislike him as the Joker, I just thought director David Ayer didn’t really get the character. He chose a pretty narrow portrayal of the character for Leto to play, maybe trying too hard to distance his version from Ledger’s? I don’t know. I liked Suicide Squad, warts and all, but Joker needed more color, more jokes, more extremes, and a lot less tattoos.

Morbius is a cool choice for a solo film. Like Venom, he’s carved out a nice corner of the Marvel Universe for himself and has had a rich run solid story arcs. Plus, to non-comic fans he’ll likely be a blind spot, so there will be plenty of opportunities for the filmmakers to surprise the audience and take them on a journey they can’t easily predict-not unlike what happened with the first Blade film. Speaking of, what better time to reintroduce Blade in the new MCU than in Morbius?

Scream Factory is bringing a 1950s Roger Corman classic to Blu-ray for the first time – The Wasp Woman! A bit of a poor (or cheap) man’s The FlyThe Wasp Woman is some early body horror about an aging beauty who takes an experimental treatment to be young and beautiful again, but it turns her into the title character. The make up effects were actually a bit unsettling-she looks legitimately creepy in her Wasp form. I really enjoyed this film, despite the fact that it drags in places. I’m looking forward to seeing it in a nice transfer.

Hatchet’s Victor Crowley is set to return, this Halloween, in a new comic series that will have Crowley battling a Swamp Thing-like creature, via some voodoo by an angry mother. In recent years some great horror properties have found new life in comics that have been really good, like Pumpkinhead, The Fly, Re-Animator. The new Hatchet sounds like it could be another winner and take Crowley into horror territory not yet explored in the movies.

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