The Hillarious House of Frightenstein to Return to Television

To re-watch the intro to Hilarious House of Frightenstein is to be reminded that we grew up with some weird stuff in our day. I honestly hadn’t though about this show in years, but here we are today with the news that its coming back!

Newly launched Toronto-based production company Headspinner Productions acquired the rights to the sketch comedy series from the 70s as their first full rights acquisition.

“We all grew up with the show, especially if you were from the Toronto area. It was a staple of our home,” says co-founder Michelle Melanson of the franchise that featured a revolving cast of strange characters, including the titular Count Frightenstein, the 13th son of Count Dracula.

Ken Cuperus, the other half of the Headspinner team say of their show, “The idea for the reboot is that the castle is really expensive to maintain, so it opens up as a theme park attraction or a themed inn for tourists.”

The new Hillarious House of Frightenstein series will be aimed at kids aged 8-12 and comes amid a surge in supernatural/horror shows aimed at kids and families. Wether or not it manages to capture the camp and suberversive content of the original will have to be seen.

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