‘Castle Rock’ Has a New Trailer and a Premiere Date

In February we shared our excitement about the teaser trailer for Hulu’s upcoming Castle Rock series, based on the semi-fictional world of Stephen King’s fiction.

Now there is a new, longer trailer and an official release date: July 25.

Unlike the first teaser, this new trailer doesn’t show the town of Castle Rock through the eyes of the Andre Holland character. Instead, it’s dominated by the voice over David Morse, who appeared in both The Green Mile and The Langoliers.

The trailer also indicates the scope of the cast. It shows just how many people have been negatively influenced by their time in Castle Rock. They are “trapped in a cycle that stretches back centuries.”

This kind of theme has been consistent through much of Stephen King’s fiction. In an article on Everything Is Scary called “A Monstrous Sacrifice,” I even argued that IT might be the ultimate example of American folk horror, a genre that originated with British films like The Wicker Man.

The idea that people are not inherently evil, but only negatively influenced by the evil that lives in the earth itself, is certainly ripe for exploration in a multi-episode TV series. Let’s hope that Castle Rock lives up to its premise.

Stay tuned for more news on the show as it is revealed.

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