The Librarians S04 EP11: And the Trial of One

On this week’s episode of The Librarians, there are not enough pocket squares in existence to dry my tears. Like the newly revealed Big Bad, my only thought is revenge. It’s The Librarians and The Trial of One.



It appears that The Library has gone bonkers due to a lack of tethering. It takes Jenkins hostage, and forces The Librarian trio to fight to the death, until there is only one.

trial of one cassie crossbow

Good thing Eve, their ever quick thinking Guardian, is always ready to come to their rescue. Although she is able to keep The Librarians from a tragic fate, she is not able to save The Library’s Caretaker.

Believing that The Library itself has caused the death of their beloved friend, the trio of Librarians resign, unaware that they have been tricked by The Library’s former Guardian, whose only drive is revenge. When all seems lost, there is just one question:

Where the heck is Flynn?

The Nightmare Before Equinox

Cassie, Jake, and Ezekiel are forced to endure their worst nightmares.

I understood Ezekiel’s nightmare, and I completely identified with Cassie’s (a bit too much), but I pondered about what Jake Stone’s nightmare really said about him.

the trial of one police cassie

I loved the twist that the other Librarians were villains within the individual nightmares. That was a clever piece of writing, and perhaps showed that what is really nightmarish is being betrayed by one’s closest friends.

It was heartwarming that Eve’s worst nightmare was watching her Librarians suffer. If the Library does crumble, implode, disintegrate, or whatever The Library does sans tethering, I could use a good Guardian in my life.

Someday My Prince Won’t Come

Kudos to The Librarians and the writers this season for making me feel utterly betrayed. I’m an optimist by nature; I like to see the good in everyone. Last season, I held out full hope that Eve was up to something, and was not actually working for DOSA. My faith was rewarded. So, feeling that there was no reason to distrust a Guardian, I believed in Nicole Noone. Though she seemed damaged, I trusted her, or at least trusted that she wasn’t up to anything too nefarious.

I was one for two with my guesses. When I saw this episode’s preview, I theorized over who would possess Jenkins and threaten his life. Nicole never crossed my mind. I did ponder however after the first episode of the season, that perhaps Nicole would be this season’s Big Bad, and oh, is she bad.

There are no words to describe my rage when she revealed that she had been plotting the destruction of the Library for 500 years.

Jenkins giving up his mortality to save her was all part of her deceitful plan, and for what, a boy? Aren’t Guardians cooler than that? Shouldn’t Nicole be a badass, self-rescuing Princess? Perhaps The Library made a mistake in choosing her in the first place. As Nicole said, after being thrust back in time, she waited for her Prince, Flynn, to rescue her, but he did not. So once again, she kills Jenkins, plans on destroying the entire Library, and wreaks havoc on the entire world for Flynn Carson? I mean he’s nice and all, but I think Nicole has some deeper issues she needs to explore.


I am not fully recovered.

trial of one Jenkins

As an introverted child, you tend to form friendships with characters from books, movies, and television shows with an ease that does not occur when trying to form relationships with actual people. If you remain shy and introverted as an adult, that ease of fictional friendship does not go away.

I think all of the characters in The Librarians are great, that’s what makes it such a fantastic show, but I related the most to Jenkins. He was my friend. I enjoyed visiting him every week. Now he’s gone and my only thoughts are, where the heck is Flynn, and how could he let this happen? When is Eve going to pummel Nicole into the ground?

Not Dead?

There is one more episode left this season. There is always hope. It’s one of the best parts about being a lover of science fiction and fantasy. Where’s Sherlock when you need him? There’s got to be some crazy loophole that will make Jenkins NOT DEAD.

After being left in despair this week, I’d love to leave the season with a nice injection of joy… that’s what’s going to happen, right? Right? Please tell me I’m right….

trial of the one Jenkins our friend

My other ever hopeful, optimist theory, is that the reason TNT hasn’t announced the show’s renewal is because all of us tweeting and hounding them to renew the show is great PR. The more desperate we are, the more attention the show gets. I’m crossing my fingers that they will announce the show’s renewal around the airing of the season finale. If not, you may as well slap a fancy spider ring on my finger, because with a serious lack of fun, clever, well written, television shows on today, having the The Librarians disappear is my nightmare.


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