Heed The Call To ‘George Perez’s Sirens Hardcover’ On The Wednesday Run

Much loved old school comic books.

Created by much loved old school comic book talent.

That’s the kind of stuff many old school comic book fans love to read.

So, who are these old school folks?

Well, they’re people like me, and they’re people who write for this site, and many, many others that stop by this site to read articles, reviews, and editorials highlighting the stuff they enjoy. Don’t get me wrong. We all love new, modern storytelling takes in our comic book reading. But who doesn’t love those genre throw-back tales of high adventure, or fantasy or pulp fiction or sci-fi?

Nobody, that’s who!

And that’s why the much loved old-school writer/artist, George Perez and his new hardcover comic book compilation, Sirens, is the focus of this column, today!


George Perez’s Sirens H/C

Written and Illustrated By: George Perez

Published By: Boom! Studios


Published by Boom! Studios, Sirens was a six-part tale, originally published in serial format in late 2014.

There was a lot of fanfare around the title. Here was George Perez, a living legend in the comic book medium, working for a smaller, independent publishing company after spending decades working at the Big Two: DC Comics and Marvel Comics, on such titles as Crisis on infinite Earths, New Teen Titans, Wonder Woman, The Avengers and Infinity Gauntlet, among so many others.

Sirens, was a creator-owned series, one of Perez’s first and only, featuring a cast of all-female characters. It got people talking because many fans fondly remember Perez’s multi-year turn on the monthly Wonder Woman title during the late 1980’s to the early 1990’s, where he wrote and drew over sixty issues. It’s considered one of the greatest – if not the greatest – run of stories on the Amazonian Princess.

The science fiction series was a bit of a throwback to the genre that comic books excelled in throughout the silver age of comics – the age that truly birthed George Perez and his talent.

Sirens details the story of a legendary team of women, out to reunite and save the galaxy from an intergalactic force of planetary en-slavers. Sounds great, right?

The problem?

The Sirens themselves don’t remember who they are.

And the rest of the galaxy?

The universe only knows the Sirens as villains!

Now that’s the kind of old-school science fiction comic book storytelling I can get into! And in the hands of George Perez, a comic book legend in his own right? It’s downright brilliantly entertaining!

Heed the call and make the run to your local comic book shop today – and pick up the new 192-page hardcover compilation of George Perez’s Sirens!

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