The Librarians S04 EP07: And The Disenchanted Forest

On this week’s episode of The Librarians, pack up your sunscreen, bug spray, kazoo, and bag of pranks. We’re heading to summer camp with The Librarians and The Disenchanted Forest.



Now Flynn-less, Eve and the remaining Librarians, head to an adult, team building camp, where campers are mysteriously disappearing.

Thinking the motivational speaker/camp director is up to no good, the gang gets to sleuthing.

disenchanted forest table

There’s no human behind the nefarious deeds, just the Grandfather tree, seeking out The Librarians, to keep the zero seed safe. With the zero seed safely locked away in The Library, if we humans f-up all of the forests, and I seriously hope we don’t, the forest can be restarted again, and mankind will not perish.

Summer Fun?

Thanks to television and movies, I fantasied about going to summer camp for years as a kid. Finally the day came when I was old enough to go, and guess what? I hated summer camp.

To be fair, I was an introverted, artsy kid, who was sent to a typical summer camp (I probably would have loved an arts based camp). Though I thrived during arts and crafts, I loathed the hours spent in the outfield of a bee filled kick ball field. As Katniss Everdeen was decades away from making her appearance, I had no interest in archery, or wilderness survival. I’d rather sit by the lake with a good book, but camp did not tolerate solo endeavors, or diversions that did not include physical activity. Camp was all about following a tight schedule and insane levels of socialization. The camp I attended was also a girls only, religious camp, so no one, as far as I know, got up to any of the shenanigans that you see in camp themed movies. My experience was thoroughly disappointing.

I give The Librarians crew and the director of this episode, the one and only Dean Devlin, a lot of credit for continuing the tradition of making camp look fun. The inspirational talks, the walks in the woods, and ziplining, I was ready to give camp another try when I saw ziplining.

disenchanted forest zipline

Their cabins looked down right luxurious compared to the, thin foam mattress, squeaky door, screens full of holes, accommodations I was subjected to as a kid. Of course, there is one thing many campers of a certain age dream about when going away to camp, a camp romance.

I’m Team Jenkins, but I enjoyed smitten Jake Stone this week. His awkward fumbling, and flirty lines, showcased exactly why the Kaniacs exist. Jake is pretty dreamy.

disenchanted forest dreamy Jake

I still don’t agree however with Jake bringing an outsider, especially one he just met, into The Library. No matter how trustworthy someone appears, exposing The Library seems dangerous. We already had Ezekiel’s mom shown The Library this season, and now Sarina. I think Jenkins and/or Cassie need to work on perfecting a memory charm, ala Harry Potter, so people’s memories of The Library can be erased if needed.

If memories can’t be erased, then I guess it’s nice that Sarina will always have the enduring memory of the intelligent, sensitive, rugged, guy, she met at summer camp.

Things Get Real

After the four break off into pairs, things get real.

Like me before first attending camp, Cassie’s camp fantasies, are based on what she gleaned from television and movies. She is absolutely delighted to dive head first into the summer camp fun, including cliched, summer camp pranks. Ezekiel, the object of Cassie’s pranking, is not pleased.

disenchanted forest lake

After Cassie pulls the old sleeping-spell-then-float-your-friend-in-the-lake gag, Ezekiel has some choice words for Cassie. Mainly that Cassie has had very few real-life experiences, especially outside of The Library. Having been sheltered for most of her life, most of her knowledge comes from books and other forms of entertainment, but not actual experience. Cassie ponders what life outside The Library, what just being a normal, everyday person, would be like.

Jake also gets real with Eve. Instead of wondering what life would be outside The Library, she throws herself at Library work, full force. I understand Eve. There is nothing like a constant flurry of activity and getting things done, to distract you from the problems at hand. Jake can see through Eve’s, I-just-want-us-to-be-the-best guise, and confronts her about trying to fill the Flynn void.

How can you not feel bad for Eve?  Lamenting that she’s taken Flynn back every time he’s flaked out, and he still feels that up and disappearing is the best decision. If I were Eve, I’d be done with his conflicted soul, indecisive, nonsense. If only Moriarty was still around with his handsomeness and lovely accent.

I’m definitely on team the-more-Librarians-the-better, and agree that Darrington Dare can stuff it, but I also wouldn’t want to plunge the world into a crazy civil war that ended with the dark ages.

We are starting to see cracks. It appears that Eve, Cassie, and Jake, are all starting to realize the level of sacrifice it takes to serve The Library. Will their craving for relationships and a normal life send one of them packing like Flynn? It already looks like Cassie will explore an alternative life, on next week’s episode, will Eve, or Jake, Ezekiel, or even the now mortal Jenkins, be next?



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  1. I’m still leaning toward Cassandra taking Jenkins’ place, and Eve staying as Guardian. I couldn’t decide which of the guys would be the Librarian, but now I’m thinking Ezekiel. After this episode, I think Stone wants a real life. Whether it’s with the reporter or not, I think he wants to settle down and have a family.

    Guess we’ll see what happens next week, when Cassandra steps out. 🙂

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