Dive Deep With “Nemo” On The Wednesday Run

One of the earliest childhood memories I have is heading out of cold, grey Toronto with my parents during March Break to spend a week in sunny, warm, Florida and visit Disney World.

What a sight that was! The Magic Castle, the rides, the fireworks and the cartoons, walking alongside, in real life! Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy – especially Goofy!

Of all the rides I liked, I remember Pirates of the Caribbean as a top favourite. But there was another attraction that took hold of my young imagination, and now, nearly forty years later, still hasn’t let it go.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea!

Inspired by the serialized novel of famed science fiction author Jules Verne 1869, I was taken with the design and functionality of the Nautilus ride at Disney, the fictional Captain Nemo’s famous sea monster-inspired submarine.

Today, imaginations around the world are fired up with the release of a new hardcover graphic novel, dedicated to the old Captain – and his awesome sub!

Today, Nemo hits the shelves!

Nemo H/C

Written and Illustrated By: Bruno

Published By: IDW Publishing

Written and lavishly illustrated by French cartoonist Bruno (Bruno Thielleux), Nemo tells the story of the famed sea-faring protagonist.

Known more for his European works, Bruno is an accomplished writer/illustrator whose visuals are playful, evocative, beautiful – and harrowing when they need to be. Here, the story is a reimagining of Verne’s literary masterpiece, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, placing the troubled Captain front and center at the helm of his ship and the narrative.

Published by IDW Publishing and at 164 pages of length, Nemo offers readers a visual look at life lived under the sea, free of society and country and government and flag.

But it’s full of monsters and beasts – some that roam the brackish depths of the deepest undersea trenches…and some that captain the very vessel that so intrigues readers of all ages!

Plunge yourself into pages of literary mythmaking! Make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up the hardcover graphic novel adaptation of a timeless classic.

Plunge yourself into the depths of Nemo!

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