The Librarians S04 EP 05: And the Bleeding Crown

Huzzah and Gadzooks, it’s time for another adventure with The Librarians. Swish your swords, shore up your swinging ropes, and grab some buffalo wings as we meet the indubitable Darrington Dare, in The Librarians and The Bleeding Crown.


The gang investigates a town where the town’s folk have turned elderly overnight.

They discover that the dastardly deed is an evil plot, meant to attract a dashing Librarian from the past, Darrington Dare.

Ecstatic to meet one of his heroes, Flynn must decide what is more important, being a Librarian, or being a friend.

 Fanboy Flynn

It was a blast witnessing Flynn fanboying over his hero, former Librarian, Darrington Dare.

Can you blame Flynn? With vocabulary like huzzah, anti-magic tattoos, and expert swordsmanship, it would be difficult not to find Dare dreamy.


Props to Noah Wyle for conveying the exact, googly, look of admiration, that most of us would have if we ever met a Librarian in person. It was absolutely adorable, and it’s always an entertaining time watching past Librarians interacting with present Librarians.

Of course, there is a danger in meeting one’s heroes. There is always the possibility they will not live up to expectations, and Flynn soon discovers Dare’s flaws.

It’s nice to see that the lesson Flynn learned in last season’s Trial of the Triangle has stuck with him. Flynn recognizes that Dare is who Flynn used to be, a stubborn, independent, loner. Now however, Flynn has a deeper appreciation of friendship, and urges Dare that making and maintaining connections with others, is an vital part of life.

It’s not wrong to have dreams, ambitions, and goals, but we shouldn’t throw away or neglect our relationships in the pursuit of achievement. It was an inspiring message, especially as we as people, tend to get busier and busier. It’s essential to take some time out to grab a bite to eat with a friend, or maybe a drink, like a Darrington Dare, complete with tiny umbrella.

As an extra note, I think we can all agree that a spin-off that follows the adventures of Darrington Dare would be highly enjoyable.I hope it would have a delicious, Steampunk, flair.

Grumpy Old Men and Women

Seeing Eve and the trio transformed into senior citizens was hilarious. Eve as an old lady was my favorite. I love that the bandanna that was wrapped around her neck, transformed into an awesome, retired lady, headband. It was a bit of wardrobe genius.


The artifact of the week was the crown of Elizabeth Bathory. She was rumored to murder young servant girls, and then bath in their blood, in order to maintain a youthful look, so turning a entire town and some of the Library crew elderly, was a clever contrast.

Librarians and Highlanders

According to Darrington Dare, Librarians are like Highlanders, there can be only one. There was once a time when The Library chose twin Librarians. Each brother thought that he should be the most powerful Librarian. Jealously ensued, and the brothers engaged in a war for Library supremacy, that caused the dark ages.

Per Dare, war amongst the current Librarians is only a matter of time. Flynn needs to secure his spot as the one, true, Librarian, and the others must be fired. Flynn of course is reluctant. So far, four Librarians have proved to be better than one, but Dare is insistent.

As a fan, it’s hard to imagine Flynn, Stone, Cassie, and Ezekiel, warring with each other for Library supremacy. Season after season has shown that they work better as team. Their victories come about because they work together. I imagine that even if Flynn attempted to banish the trio from The Library, they wouldn’t go quietly, and would most likely continue Library-ing on their own.

I’m very curious to see where this new piece of information leads.


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