Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Here’s To Badass Women Artists

If you’re looking to get a unique gift for that special person (or people) in your life, check out these ten badass women artists who are redefining what it means to be creative.

1. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, headed by Elizabeth Barrial, specializes in formulating body and household perfume oil blends with a dark, romantic Gothic tone. With hundreds of scents to choose from, there are certainly many options for those hard to please friends.

2. Sara Deck

Sara Deck specializes in illustration, design, and fine art of the peculiar persuasion. Many of her stunning pieces are perfect for framing.

3. Frills and Morbidity

Paige Reynolds makes handmade jewelry, enamel pins and cross-stitches with a hint of macabre. Any of these would be ideal presents for someone who wants to stand from in the crowd.

4. Ghoul Friday

Ghoul Friday specializes in one of a kind, handmade creepy creations and orchestrates the adoption of creatures from her monster menagerie. Wouldn’t one of these look nice in a special someone’s living room?

5. Innabluebox

R.N. Laing takes inspiration from a variety of sources, including film, music (primarily classical and metal), science fiction, and professional wrestling. Her prints are suitable for framing, or you could gift a sew-on patch or a coffee mug to someone.

6. Pan and Scan

Alex Kittle finds her muses in the stories and visuals of the films and tv shows she watches and is interested in making art affordable and practical, and most importantly accessible. She has pins, posters, and more available in her shop.

7. The Little Red Door

The Little Red Door makes 100% handmade tiny houses and other ceramic items using stoneware clay and non-toxic commercial glazes, fired in a Skutt kiln. You could get a one-of-a-kind Christmas ornament for a stocking stuffer.

8. My Pretty Zombie

My Pretty Zombie began making cosmetics in May 2010, not for the money, but because she loves the art and the excitement of coming up with something totally new and weird. Much of the makeup she creates is vegan, and all of it is cruelty free.

9. Suspirialand

Susana Vilchez draws, paints, tattoos, and makes one of a kind, handcrafted spooky toys for adults or cool kids. How about gifting a tattoo, a poster, or a Terror Tot to friends with exotic tastes?

10. Ashlea Wessel

Ashlea Wessel is a photographer and filmmaker who has written and directed the short films Ink and TiCK, which recently surpassed its Kickstarter goal of $15,000. Check out her amazing portfolio and consider purchasing some of her photographs for a friend.

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