If It’s Halloween; It Must Be Werewolves In Siberia!

Chris Cavoretto a.k.a. Werewolves In Siberia has been steadily putting out high-quality, endlessly listenable, horror synth music for the last few years. He’s been able to keep things fresh and exciting within a seemingly limited medium.

In addition to new music, he has created Halloween mix tapes that he releases through his Bandcamp page each October as well as some fantastic covers of John Carpenter’s “Halloween theme” and The Misfits’ “Halloween” and “London Dungeon.”

The latest from Werewolves In Siberia, which goes live on Friday the 13th this October, is The Thing That Goes Bump In The Night, eight tracks to score the great horror film in your head. Like with preceding albums, listening to The Thing makes me thirsty to write the screenplay for whatever story is unfolding in my ears. I’ve left the album playing on a loop for hours and it’s still playing now.

Chris takes you by the hand and calmly, but forcibly, brings you through the door with the title track opener, filling you with tension and dread before shifting gears into violent exploitation territory with “Strange Visions.” “Day Dreaming” and “He Watches You While You Sleep” seem like companion pieces that call to mind something like Phantasm. One of my favorite tracks, “The Chase Is On,” instantly provide visions of someone running down a dark, empty street in Rome, pursued by a black gloved killer with a razor blade.

“Voices In The Wall” is a gorgeous, haunted, ambient track while “The Last Stand” is the sort of big, cinematic piece that really defines Werewolves In Siberia, communicating many different ideas, moods, or scenarios at once. “Home Again” closes the album. It’s the longest track, breaking the four-minute mark, with an insistent, thudding rhythm, that despite the hopeful title, doesn’t give you a sense of being safe at all. It’s like waking from a dream only to find yourself in a nightmare.

As a bonus, to be released on the same day, Chris will have two new covers available on his personal Bandcamp page; an acoustic cover of the Creedence Clearwater Revival classic “Bad Moon Rising” and the ’80s Phil Collins hit “In The Air Tonight,” which yeah, sounds like an odd choice, but man, it works.

Check out Werewolves In Siberia’s Bandcamp page HERE for a plethora of stellar synth rock.

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