Breeze Your Way To “Crosswind #1” On The Wednesday Run

We’ve all felt – or seen – the effects of a nasty crosswind:

Passing a tractor trailer on the highway yanks your car violently and you need to jerk the steering wheel in an opposite direction just to keep yourself from running into the culvert at the side of the road. Whew!

Lazily canoeing across the cottage lake while a strong wind blows you off course from the dock you need to get to. How’d I get here?

Watching a Tour de France cycle team ride in single file, switching up leaders from time to time in order to conserve energy for each individual rider. Sweet science.

Experiencing the violent effects when a nasty Chicago hitman crosses paths with a downtrodden Seattle housewife – in a most unusual way!

Wait. What?

That’s the premise behind today’s release of Crosswind #1…and let me emphasize the phrase “unusual way”!


Crosswind #1

Written By: Gail Simone

Illustrated By: Cat Staggs

Published By: Image Comics


Crosswind is billed as a (pardon the pun) cross between hard-hitting mob movies like Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas and Walt Disney’s Freaky Friday.

How do you reconcile those completely different types of films and stories in a comic book?

Well, therein like the “unusualness” behind Crosswind.

Written by critical and fan favourite, Gail Simone (Birds of Prey, Clean Room, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, etc.) and brilliantly illustrated by Cat Staggs (Smallville and a host of amazing cover, poster and trading card work), Crosswind has two distinctly different protagonists, strangers to each other, swapping bodies…and inclinations!

It’s enticing, harrowing, absolutely absurd, and entirely riveting. All things you’d expect from the creative team involved.

And that’s just the start.

Blood and noir meets familiar diner party drama. And, for Cason Bennett (the mob hitman) and the lovingly named Juniper Blue (the mousy housewife), who find themselves trapped in each’s others bodies and lives, the danger and mayhem ramps up as a ruthless killer stalks them both!

Sig Sauer P226…meet spinach casserole.

Like those Tour de France cyclists, draft in the Wednesday Run breeze that races you towards your local comic book shop – and pick up Crosswind #1 today!

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