Avengers: Ultron Revolution S03 E25: ‘Civil War, Part Three: The Drums of War’


The animated Civil War continues on Avengers: Ultron Revolution. With the original Avengers and Songbird in prison, the Black Widow on the run, and Captain America blasted – who will save us all when the Inhumans, mind-controlled by evil forces, attack? Meet me after the jump for the answer and my thoughts on “Civil War, Part 3: The Drums of War.”


We open on our original team in an underwater prison. Tony Stark is in solitary, Captain America is in the infirmary in unknown condition, and Songbird is with the rest of the team, having switched loyalties in the last episode. As Tony makes his own escape, he learns that the others have been sprung by the Black Widow with help from Black Bolt and Medusa.


There’s still the matter of fighting through an army of Guardsmen, both armored humans and robots, to protect Captain America. Thor gets the best line, even though he is without Mjolnir (how exactly might one take it from him to begin with?), he still has his left and right hammers. About time they started treating him like the powerhouse he is.

Clothes and Command

Cap wakes up to give orders from bed, still it’s hard for me to believe these robots are a match for folks like Thor, Black Bolt, and the Hulk – that’s a lot of power. Unless of course these bots have been amped up by… say maybe Ultron. Also notable in the fight is that Cap lets the Falcon use his shield, a nod to current comics continuity where Sam Wilson is the latest Captain America. But how did Cap keep that hospital gown from falling off?


When Cap wasn’t giving orders, it was nice to see the Black Widow in charge, as well as Medusa leading as well. In the comics these ladies are both strong leaders, but we have rarely seen Widow step into those shoes in other media, good stuff. I also liked how Songbird almost immediately blended in with the team. Go ladies.


As the group is figuring out their next move, a satellite signal is broadcast across the planet, and somehow the Inhumans are suddenly controlled by other forces. Black Bolt says, “Destroy,” and there goes the Avenjet to dust. The signal is coming from Black Bolt and Medusa’s registration discs on their necks. This is bad.


Thor finally brings Mjolnir to him, and uses the Asgardian Lightning to short circuit the registration discs, releasing the Inhumans from whoever was controlling them. The problem of course is that everyone who registered is attacking and destroying humanity. Somebody set this all up, but who? I’ll give you three suspects easy – Marsh, Maximus, and Ultron.


A lot happens next and it happens fast, almost as if the showrunners were on the clock to squeeze as much into this episode as possible. The Mighty Avengers contact the original team. They were duped, and when Ms. Marvel was forced to register as an Inhuman, they finally came to their senses and decided to join forces with the rest of the Avengers.


Long story short, it’s time for the Avengers to fight the Inhumans. So let’s get as much slugfest in as can possibly be fit into ten minutes. And it’s notable that the media already has a name for it – ‘the Inhuman wars.’ This spurs the question, how long were the Avengers in prison, and how long have Inhumans been attacking?

Race to the End

While Iron Man and Ant-Man try to find a way to stop the signal in the lab, the other Avengers fight a handful of Inhumans including Iso and Karnak, and the Mighty Avengers fight Ms. Marvel. I like Ms. Marvel, she’s like creative modern day Plastic Man. Cap and the Falcon, and Black Bolt and Medusa on the other hand, follow the signal to its source. There are a few sidetracks and diversions, but we get there soon enough…


Once all the Avengers are together, along with an Inhuman or two, they confront Truman Marsh, only to find he is actually Ultron. As his disguise melts away and the Avengers Tower behind him morphs into several giant Ultrons, the gathering of heroes realize that the worst is yet to come. We’re left with a ‘to be continued’ and to muse over if Ultron will tell them how he survived his apparent demise back in “A Friend in Need” or not. While not the best episode, or the best of Civil War so far, it certainly sets up what should be a good one.

Next: The Season Finale, and the conclusion to the animated Civil War – “Avengers Revolution!”

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