The Librarians S03 E09: And the Fatal Separation

On this week’s episode of The Librarians, we were treated to a tornado of plot twists and were overcome by a tsunami of feels.


When a billionaire magical artifacts collector, overtakes the peaceful, mythical, Shangri-La, he does not know the chaos that could be released by his actions. It’s up to The Librarians to secure the Staff of Shangri-La before it can aide Apep in shifting power in the favor of pure evil.


In order to infiltrate the overtaken Shangri-La, Cassie and Ezekiel disguise themselves as land pirates.

This part of the episode was so much fun. I love when Cassie gets out of her comfort zone and has to play confident and sassy. Her outfit, hair, and make-up were sensational. If that’s how cool you get to look being a land pirate, sign me up.


I can’t say enough about how talented and fantastic the wardrobe department is. Even when the characters are wearing normal clothes, there is always an element of whimsy and fantasy. I think there may be a Cassie cosplay in my future.

We also got another peek at Cassandra’s new “super gift,” when she is able to telepathically convey the train door pass code to Ezekiel. I have a feeling Cassie’s telepathic skills are really going to come in handy in the future, though it’s inevitable that telepaths always bear a hint of creepiness.

Unexpected Artifact

Hidden among billionaire Sterling Lam’s artifacts, is Charlene. She’s been hiding since her disappearance, assuming Apep would not think to look for her in Lam’s collection. Now that Jake and Flynn have stumbled upon her, Apep can’t be far behind. Charlene decides to sever her connection to the library and her present dimension. Essentially, Charlene chooses death in order to save the world.She is a woman worthy of revere.

Remember last episode when we sighed as Jenkins waxed poetically about the woman he pledged himself to? I was hoping that one day this mysterious love’s identity would be revealed. The revelation came sooner than I thought. I squealed with delight as Jenkins made one last plea to his lady love, Charlene. In the next moment I was experiencing all of the feels, as Jenkins was once again rebuffed, and Charlene walked into the next dimension forever.


I’m sad to see The Library’s first Guardian depart. I loved Charlene’s spunk, her no nonsense bluntness, and her ability to put Flynn in his place. Of course, because magic, I’m sure Charlene will make a mirror or dream appearance from time to time just as Judson has. I wonder, does she get to have a shirtless harem in her new dimension? Also, if she has departed from this world, does that mean that Jenkins is free? I’m just asking… you know… for a friend…


When Eve gets captured by D.O.S.A, we learn that the leader of this particular agency, General Cynthia Rockwell, is Eve’s mentor. If that wasn’t enough of a whoa moment, a complete bomb was dropped. The only reason Eve was recommended for the job of Guardian in the first place, was so that Rockwell could use her as a sleeper agent. Eve has been programmed, and once the programming is triggered, Eve’s mission is to hand The Library over to D.O.S.A from the inside.

I mentioned in an earlier recap that my love for Eve Baird has grown leaps and bounds this season. The preceding episodes have done an excellent job developing her character, giving her a depth and genuineness that makes her so much more than the group’s muscle. To learn that she’s really a bad guy, whether of her own will or not, was devastating. Well played, Librarians writers, well played.

As worried as I am about the fate of The Library, if that cunning smirk Eve gives at the end of the episode is any indication to how next week will play out, evil Baird could be a lot of fun.

The End is Near

I’m always anxious before a season finale. My writer’s brain tends to overwhelm me. There are so many threads pulled, and I can’t imagine how they will all be tied up after only one more episode.


Still, I have no doubt that the writers, director, and cast will have something dazzling for us.

Don’t forget to throw out some love in the Twitterverse with #RenewTheLibrarians. We want next week to be the season finale, not the series finale.


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  1. Love this episode..I’m a huge martial arts fan and Kane fan so this was especially good one for me.. Can’t believe only one left to the season. Working on spreading the word about how to help #RenewTheLibrarians by contacting TNT and letting them know we want MORE!!

    TNT website >


    snail mail:
    TNT Viewer Relations.
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    Call viewer comment line >1-404-885-4538

  2. Dean Devlin declared it was #RenewLibrarians 🤗 I’m here for Noah and Rebecca!

  3. Charlene whispered something to Eve before she entered the Mirror Universe. I think Eve’s steely-eyed look at the end had something to do with that.

    Cassandra rocked the Goth/Dom/ Pirate look … and the Big Eze-y’s jaw wired shut. That’s gotta hurt! 😀

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