31 Days of Horror: Spider-Man: “Strange Little Halloween”


When Trick-or-Treaters start turning into monsters, it’s time for Spider-Man to team up with Doctor Strange and Ant-Man (??) to Baron Mordo. It’s a “Strange Little Halloween” in this special episode of Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man vs. the Sinister 6, after the jump.

Trick or Treat

We open on Peter Parker as Spider-Man as a pirate trick-or-treating. Neither Stan Lee nor the little kids, dressed as mummies, ninjas, vampires, and princesses, want him around. Stan slams the door on Spider-Pirate. The kids think he’s ‘like fifty,’ and in their words, ‘nobody gives old people candy, you get candy from the old people.’ Ooh, rough. Even the kid dressed as J. Jonah Jameson doesn’t want him around.

Just. Don't. Ask.
Just. Don’t. Ask.

Ditched by his superhero friends, the trick-or-treating kids, and even Stan Lee himself, Spider-Man is alone when a wave of magic starts turning all the kids into what they dressed as and worse. All Spidey wanted was to recapture the Halloweens of his youth and enjoy some candy, he wasn’t expecting this…


The monster thing seems to be going on all over the city, so rather than rouse his entire team of so-called friends at S.H.I.E.L.D., Spidey calls on Doctor Strange, because, after all, ‘when there’s something strange, there’s only one man to see.’ Unlike Stan the Man, Strange invites Spider-Man right into his Sanctum Santorum, pulls him in even. The Doctor already knows what’s up and has confined the spell to the city.


Strange surmises it could be any of a number of supernatural baddies due to the thinness of the veil between Earth and other realms at this time of year, but he knows it has emerged at a quantum level. They need to get small, so they pay a visit to Ant-Man, who has unfortunately fallen under the spell and turned into a literal Ant-Man. However once Strange changes him back to normal, and he professes to be the sorcerer’s biggest fan and an amateur magician himself, I kinda wish he’d stayed an ant.

Baron Mordo

Nevertheless the three, through use of Pym particles, journey into the quantum realm, the source of the magic wreaking havoc on New York. There they find one of Doctor Strange’s old foes, Baron Mordo, who in the Marvel Animated Universe has fought both the Doctor and Spidey before. He’s not alone, he’s with a giant slave who alternately morphs into Dormammu, Ultron, and Doctor Octopus – the heroes’ worst enemies.


Baron Karl Amadeus Mordo in the comics is another student of The Ancient One, and a rival of Strange’s. When Strange became the Sorcerer Supreme, Mordo became his opposite number drawing power from the dread Dormammu. Eventually banished from Earth, Mordo has become one of Doctor Strange’s most relentless enemies. He will appear in next month’s Doctor Strange in a more neutral role however.

Dreams into Reality

Eventually the heroes are tricked into bringing Mordo to Earth from the quantum realm where his powers to turn dream into reality are at their strongest. He brings the cars and buildings to horrific life to attack those adults who had not already transformed into monsters. Curiously only the humbugs who aren’t celebrating Halloween are the victims. Maybe there’s a message here?


Spidey figures out that everyone can influence reality in this magic environment, and the heroes tap their imaginations to combat Mordo. Strange notes that this isn’t how magic works, and it only reminded me of when Mephisto erased Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson’s marriageit’s magic, we don’t have to explain it…

All things considered, a fun romp for Halloween and better episode of this series. It almost makes me want to rouse these old bones and go out trick-or-treating as Spider-Pirate. What did you think of this episode? And what will you be for Halloween?

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