The Dog Days Of Summer Brings “Millarworld Annual 2016” On The Wednesday Run

Millarworld Annual 2016It’s the morning of July 13 here in Toronto, and the iPhone weather app is telling me we’ve got a high of 33 degrees Celsius to look forward to today. That’s 91.5 degrees Fahrenheit for those five, hard-headed countries that still use that particular form of measurement.

In an entirely separate conversation, someone nearby to me utters “…and that doesn’t even include the humidity.”

There are storm clouds converging, little coloured icons of lightning bolts on my phone screen, warning me to bring an umbrella if I’m out and about later tonight. No worries there.

For when the dog days of summer hit, it’s best to relax, a cool beverage within arm’s reach, and a comic book in hand. Today, how does an anthology compilation take you? An “annual” even?

Today, let’s talk about the Millarworld Annual 2016!

Millarworld Annual 2016

Written by: Various

Illustrated by: Various

Published by: Image Comics

“Millarworld,” if you didn’t already know, is the series of comic books that Mark Millar, fan fave writer, has been releasing through the years, along with a whole host of talented artists, published through the Image Comics company.

Even if you haven’t read them, you’re likely to know some of the titles: Kick-Ass, Chrononauts, Kingsman, American Jesus, Starlight, etc., etc. Mark Millar, you see, is a good comic book writer. He’s an even better promoter of his own work. But hey, that’s the new method for success, isn’t it? And I, for one, don’t mind giving him a hand in this column if he’s coming out with something that sounds interesting.

Back to the weather.

I don’t know what it’s like where you live, but here in the ‘6, it’s hot these days. Really, I’m not up to reading the middle chapter of a long-form story nor the first of a brand new epic (although there are some available – check out Horizon #1, also published by Image Comics, right here).

No, I’m feeling a bit haggard. A bit lazy. Today, I would rather read a collection of short stories about different characters. Chalk it up to the dog days of summer… and my love for the anthology format.

Mark Millar has put together an international list of writers and artists, some of whom you might have heard of (doubt it) and many of whom are brand new to the business of comic book storytelling. He put out a call, you see, months and months ago, for this project, giving up his creations and placing them in the hands of new voices to tell new stories.

It’s a pretty cool, pretty commendable endeavor, I must say. Mark Millar, acclaimed creator, creating an opportunity for those comic book writers and artists who want to make a go of it.

And then Mark Millar, acclaimed promoter, promoting the s**t out of that creation.

And really, as he should.

Put on your shorts and tank tops, grab a Popsicle, and make the heated walk (since running today is ridiculous) to your local comic book shop and pick up Millarworld Annual 2016.

And then head back home to read great stories of great creations, by new talents, in cool, lazy, glory. It’s the only real way to beat this summer heat!

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    1. For sure, Deniz! Congrats are being a part of the book – I know there were lots of names who wanted in. Keep in touch with us!

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