Revisited: CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Easter Egg Wants

Civil_War_Final_PosterA week before the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster, Captain America: Civil War, was triumphantly released into cinemas around the globe, Biff Bam Pop! staffers Jim Knipp, Justin Mohareb, Glenn Walker and JP Fallavollita each listed the Top 3 Easter Eggs that they wanted to see in the film.

You can find that particular spoiler-free ask right here. Today, a week and a half after the triumphant, money-making, release of the first movie in the third phase of Marvel’s grand cinematic plan, we revisit their mouth-watering fan-boy desires.

Some of them were fist-pumpingly rewarded. Some obscure predictions were even proved right. Some of the writers were utterly relieved. And still others were left inconsolably disappointed.

Be warned.

After the jump, there be Captain America: Civil War Easter Eggs proven, Captain America: Civil War Easter Eggs disproven, and Captain America: Civil War Easter Eggs still hoped-for!

After the jump, there be spoilers galore!


Jim Knipp’s Top 3 Easter Egg Wants:

Spider-Man’s Role/Story Arc

Spider-ManPerhaps my biggest concern was how they would fit Spider Man into the movie. After all, he was so integral to the comic story and he was such a late addition to the movie, the potential that the writers would just stick him in as an add-on seemed very high. Wow, was I wrong!  The Spidey plot far exceeded my expectations, and while he wasn’t that important to the overall plot, he did advance the story and set us up for lots of Spider-goodness in the years to come. And with all due respect to Tobey Maguire, Tom Holland really captured the spirit of Spidey better than anyone: the humor, the moves, the almost meta references (“That thing doesn’t obey the laws of Physics at all!”).

The Vision and Scarlet Witch

Perfection…really caught the feel of that nascent love connection. The excellent chemistry between Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany played a large part of this, but you can’t write off the writing and dialogue. Lots of little interplay and Vision’s misstep at the airport (he was distracted) truly reflects the dumb stuff a mind in love (even a synthetic one) does. Kudos also for the way Wanda’s powers worked at the base. That wasn’t the Witch just moving things with her mind, that was Vision’s density powers randomly malfunctioning and making him add enough mass to crash through a few hundred feet of steel and bedrock. That’s chaos magic/probability powers at it’s finest!

Where Do the Prisoners Go?

I didn’t really think they were going to end up in the Negative Zone…aside for the rights issues, there was really too much to cover in a movie so full of comic lore, you probably need a whole other movie to explain it. And they did quite nicely with the Raft, even down to the fact that it’s been around for some time, is meant for super villains, and is a damn cold and miserable place to stay. And they handled Wanda’s powers (inhibitors, duh!) easily.

BONUS: Quicksilver reborn?

Alas, no Pietro resurrection…but there’s always Infinity!


Justin Mohareb’s Top 3 Easter Egg Wants:

Okay, so the latest Marvel flick has smashed its way onto the world stage. Oh man, that was so much better. Good time given to each character, and I loved their Spider-man. Such a little sweetie. And Black Panther! So good!

Anyway, before the film our loving BBP editors asked us for our wish lists, and we provided them. Let’s see how mine turned out, shall we?

More Info on the Winter Soldier’s Past

Winter Soldier torturedYeah, a total gimme. Plus, he did turn out to be (as, yes, was suggested in Captain America: Winter Soldier) the agent who killed Howard and Maria Stark. So that was revealed. Plus, there was a whole bait & switch subplot about another team of super-soldiers that got created using some Stark tech (naughty, Howard!)

More of the Global MCU

I’ll take Wakanda as a win. We saw Nigeria and Austria as well as Germany and Romania. So, yeah, there was a bit of real world geography to be explored. Which was good!


Not a goddamn word. I guess Joss Whedon was right when he said that never the twain would the MCU and the TV bits meet. We didn’t even get to see Nick Fury. That was disappointing.

BONUS: Recognition that I called that the film would be Up All Night To Get Bucky

And it was SO Up All Night to get Bucky! And I’ll point out that none of my wish list was featured in a Lego set four months ago. GLENN.


Glenn Walker’s Top 3 Easter Egg Wants:


egg1I had wanted to see Giant-Man. No, it wasn’t Hank Pym, but it did indeed rock when Scott Lang grew to giant-size and rampaged through the airport, and through Team Iron Man.  This was one of the major turning point moments in the movie too, which made me doubly angry at LEGO for giving this plot point away.  No matter, I loved it, and double squeee that I wasn’t the only one in the full theater who cheered when it happened.  Perhaps now that the cat is out of the bag, the next Ant-Man flick might have a name change to Giant-Man and the Wasp?


I had wanted to see Wakanda. Yeah, we only got a split second in the first end credit sequence, but it was worth it.  And didn’t the Black Panther just rule?  I cannot wait for that Black Panther movie to come out.  And since it appears that at least some of the Avengers are operating out of there, we will definitely be seeing more of Wakanda in the future.

Nobody Dies

I had wanted to see no one die as in the Civil War comic book series. Well, I think I got this one right.  Rhodey lives and walks and I’ll bet he flies again too.  Even Giant-Man survived.  That doesn’t mean folks didn’t die, and it doesn’t mean I wasn’t sad when it happened either.  I was surprised to see the Starks and T’Chaka go on screen, but I was completely shocked by the off-screen passing of Agent Peggy Carter.  Sad.


JP Fallavollita’s Top 3 Easter Egg Wants:

Somebody Dies

Look, it’s not like I’m hoping for or wanting to see death in my movies. These days, you generally get that anyway. And it’s not like I hope or want to see a major character’s death. All I’m saying is that the best films that draw on comic book lore, draw on it tightly – and at the end of the acclaimed Civil War comic book series, Captain America dies. And it was an important death. I wanted to see it in Captain America: Civil War. I wanted to see the shield passed to Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier. Not only would that death have meaning for the Marvel Universe, but it would have meaning for Bucky as well. Not only would he need to redeem himself, but he’d have to live up to the Captain America persona. And how would the other Avengers see him? It could make for some great characterizations – and some fabulous storytelling. Plus, you could always bring Steve Rogers, the original Captain America back after Avengers: Infinity War. Something tells me that we’ll now see this particular death and subsequent storyline during Avengers: Infinity War Part 1.


Nothing to see here. Move along. I suppose Marvel is saving this band of characters for the Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. television series and its inherent storyline. It’s a missed opportunity for a cinematic treatment, to be sure. But that doesn’t mean that Marvel won’t get around to it. There’s plenty of films to come over the next few years. After Avengers: Infinity War Parts 1 and 2, maybe we’ll get to see Inhumans in a Marvel Phase 4? Fingers are crossed.


Marvel Comics IlluminatiZip. Zilch. Nada. You know, maybe I’m a film or two ahead of myself here, but you gotta think that the whole “Illuminati” storyline in the Marvel comic book universe will eventually see itself come to light in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With the advent of the Sokovia Accord, now is a great time for an ultra-secret coalition of the world’s most powerful heroes to covertly pull the stings behind the curtains. Think of the dramatic possibilities! It’s got to be done!

Next up for the Marvel Cinematic Universe: The November release of everyone’s favourite doctor, Doctor Strange!

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