The Walking Dead S0 E14: Twice as Far

Carol ep 14

On last week’s episode Daryl found his bike and Carol found her principles. On this week’s episode of “The Walking Dead“, the group goes on a supply run and Daryl meets an old foe. Are we ready to rumble and, who bites the dust?

Toy Soldier

Life in Alexandria has gone back to normal, or at least what appears as normal while Team Rick make their way to the end of season six and the appearance of Negan. Even after all that has happened the last few episodes, life has a way of becoming routine. Every day the perimeters of the town are patrolled, every day the shelves are stocked, people make love, some break up and, some build a jail.


There are a few who want to break free from the role they were given to play. Rosita is hurting over her breakup with Abe. Spencer may be a temporary diversion. Eugene wants to prove to Abe that he’s adapting and has reached Stage 2 of the Survival Game. Abe disagrees.

What are we capable of when the chips are down? Last week, the ladies of Team Rick showed that when it comes to survival, you do what has to be done. You don’t think… you just act, but where does it end? Carol is capable of killing all threats, but Daryl allowed a few Saviors to live. Who has chosen the best path to survival? Sometimes, it is our good deeds that come back to haunt us.


When you are afraid of life, you’re not living. Eugene has gone through a major metamorphosis and it’s been for the good. He began with a mission that wasn’t; a lie that almost got him killed, but if you can adapt, you might just survive. Josh McDermitt has slowly taken his character from most despised and ridiculed to someone we respect and that was no small feat. Eugene knew he had grown, but he had to prove it to Abe and that was the hardest part because Abe has control issues.


Denise had a twin brother and she had parents who went on drinking sprees, but on tonight’s episode, Denise needed to prove her worth not only to herself, but to two people who she thought highly of. Daryl reminded Denise of her brother and Denise trusted Rosita, and if you’re going to try out for Stage 2, you pick people you feel safe with. Denise was not lacking in the bravery department because she not only convinced the Alpha Wolf to think on a higher level, but she was not afraid to tell Daryl that he sucked big time at driving stick shift.


Denise wanted to go to Edison’s Apothecary/Boutique because the town needed medical supplies. She could have let Daryl and Rosita go alone, but sometimes, the person you need most to convince of your bravery is, you. Denise was a gentle soul who saw what happened to the most vulnerable during an apocalypse. That baby shoe in the sink spoke volumes about the fate of our species. Denise didn’t have to risk getting the cooler from the car. It would have been wiser to keep on walking, but this was a journey she had chosen in order to reach Stage 2 and, it cost her.


Eugene needed to prove that he was able to help the town and protect himself. Eugene might have started out on a fake mission, but he’s proven himself a true asset by thinking long term. The team needs bullets and Eugene had a plan… but Abe didn’t understand the rules. When someone calls out “Dibs” you stand back.

Daryl should have killed Dwight when he had the chance. Was he that different than Carol? They began their journey from separate ends of the prism, meeting in the middle, only to pass each other. Daryl hesitates; Carol reacts, but which one of them was right?


Dwight and his merry band of Saviors not only captured Eugene, but they killed Denise just as she evolved into what would have been the best she could be. It was a senseless death and we will miss the kind doctor who was portrayed so well by Merritt Wever. Eugene used his head and his teeth, by chomping down on Dwight’s private parts, giving Abe a chance to save the day and Daryl and Rosita.


If nothing else, “The Walking Dead” teaches us to let go. How many of our favorite characters have we fans had to say goodbye to? There are too many to count and the loss always happens after a character has survived the most horrid event or has evolved into the best of themselves. Daryl allowed Dwight to live and, like I said earlier, good deeds come back to haunt us. Carol was haunted by her encounter with Paula and has walked away from the town and her deeds… but we are not ready to let go of the Ninja Goddess. See you next week, my little walkers.


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