Obscurity Today But LEGENDS OF TOMORROW #1 On The Wednesday Run

Legends of Tomorrow #1 coverLegends of Tomorrow: the television series that united the DC cable programming universe!

Legends of Tomorrow: the big-budget weekly broadcast series that spun out of the hit The Flash, which, in turn spun out of the hit Arrow.

Legends of Tomorrow: the highly anticipated pop culture phenomenon that, although childishly fun, up until now has really only hinted at comic book fan kind of fun.

The series has been a bit of a guilty pleasure for me and many other viewers – as it aims to emulate the highs of the shows that birthed it Still, it’s pretty awesome to see Rip Hunter on television.

But if you think that Legends of Tomorrow doesn’t have long and storied following, you’d be wrong. Four-colour wrong, in fact. And the brand new DC Comics releases of the extra-sized Legends of Tomorrow #1, out today, aims to prove that!

Follow me after the jump for what is sure to be throw back comic book excitement!

Legends of Tomorrow #1

Written by: Various

Illustrated by: Various

Published by: DC Comics

First things first: if you’ve been an avid (or even a casual) bviewer of the Legends of Tomorrow television series (Thursday nights, naturally), you should also be checking out the home-base website of regular Biff Bam Pop! writer/editor, Glenn Walker. He’s reviewing the various episodes over there – and there’s literally no one better than Glenn to give you the low-down on all the storylines, Easter Eggs and obscure comic book references you’re probably missing.  It’s great, fun stuff and you can find it all (along with a whole host of other pop culture related writings) right here.

The characters of Legends of Tomorrow have quite a storied history in the comic book medium. I remember picking up a Fury of Firestorm issue in the early 1980’s, polybagged with an issue of Blue Devil…some kind of marketing scheme to boost interest in sales of one title by coupling it with another. Firestorm , you see, was quite popular at the time.

Today, DC Comics is looking to piggyback on the popularity of TV’s Legends of Tomorrow by releasing a monthly series of comic book compendiums featuring various superhero characters written and illustrated by a plethora of creators, some of them industry legends themselves. At 96-pages in length, Legends of Tomorrow #1 features stories starring:


Written by Gerry Conway (who co-created the character in the late 1970’s and famously wrote so much Fury of Firestorm in the 1980’s) and illustrated by Eduardo Pansica and Rob Hunter. Here’s a tale of stolen research notes and the fusing of minds to become a nuclear-powered superhero!

Metal Men:

Written by Len Wein (Swamp Thing) and illustrated by Yildiray Cinar and Trevor Scott, Metal Men is all about robotic technology and cyber terrorism. It’s great to see this superhero team back in action!


Written and illustrated by Aaron Lopresti and Matt Banning, this is the story of Egyptian mythology, science fiction and a man in control of the elemental world whose body can literally be contorted into various states. But is he man or monster in the eyes of his love, Sapphire, and her villainous father, industrialist Simon Stag?

Sugar & Spike:

Written by Keith Giffen with art by Bilquis Evely, the famous toddler-adventurers-mischief-makers from a by-gone decade of comic book publishing are now grown up private investigators. Their specialty? Cleaning up the embarrassing problems of DC’s greatest heroes!

Adventure, intrigue, thrills and laughs. That’s what you’re getting with the Legends of Tomorrow anthology…the perfect series for any lover of comic book fiction. If you’re over thirty years of age, it’ll remind you of your youth. If you’re in your twenties, it’ll expose you to a seminal history of pop culture comic book characters. If you’re a kid, you’re simply going to love it!

Make the run to your local comic book shop and pick up Legends of Tomorrow #1. The characters might sound obscure to you today, but tomorrow they’ll be…

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