Marvel’s Agent Carter S02 E09: A Little Song and Dance


With all the doom and gloom that plagued Agent Carter these past few episodes, what would be a better break or palate cleanser than… a musical number? Sound bizarre? It’s not, it’s wonderful. Meet me after the jump for my thoughts on “A Little Song and Dance.”

The Opening Number

We open on… quite literally an opening number, complete with song and dance as promised in the episode title. Beginning in black and white (an effect ruined by the amber ABC logo in the corner) with an encounter with Peggy’s late brother, it moves quickly to a day-glo automat and full-blown dance number. Obviously a dream sequence, we get a peek inside Peggy’s psyche.


Peggy misses her brother, misses the simple days of hanging at the L&L Automat with Angie, and is on the horns of a dilemma trying to decide who she wants to be with – Wilkes or Sousa… or Jarvis. The song and dance are priceless, obviously our cast is multitalented, and extra props to showrunners Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas, who also wrote this episode. I loved this.

Right, Then

Unfortunately the song and dance are short-lived, but there’s still fire. All of Team Carter, split in two now, are still in trouble, and in the middle of the desert. Jarvis’ behavior and attack on Whitney Frost has brought them to this situation, and Peggy won’t let him forget it. In this, Butters and Fazekas give us our second gift of the episode, a verbal showdown between Peggy and Jarvis.


This is a long time coming and verifies that at least the showrunners are serious about this show. To Jarvis this is a lark, an adventure, but to Agent Carter this is serious business. In the line of saving lives and saving the world, people get hurt, people die. This isn’t a game. I love Peggy, and I love Jarvis, but it’s about time the line was drawn and the record set straight.

Double Double

Chief Jack Thompson has never the brightest of men, easily swayed by others, lured by power, and more recently switching sides with the wind. One thing he’s always been is on the side of right however, or at least how he sees it. Thompson is definitely playing a game of lesser evils right now.


His plan is to use the gamma cannon as a bomb, and blow everyone up – Masters, and quite possibly Frost – as long as he gets a seat on the Council. As Thompson turns on Masters, Peggy tries to rescue Jason Wilkes, but Jason, he’s not well…

Zero Matter

Since being pulled into the zero matter portal opened by the atomic bomb detonation, Wilkes has been different, admittedly holding it in. Apparently he was filled with zero matter, zero matter that Frost wants, but even when she tries to extract it, he won’t relent. Make all the jokes you want, even his eyes are black at times.


Wilkes keeps telling anyone who will listen he needs to be away from people, that he’s a danger. When Peggy tries to get him out of Frost’s clutches, he locks her out. And as Masters and Frost come to blows, and then try to come to terms, both Wilkes and the gamma bomb blow up. This season finale is going to be something, especially after this, one of the best of this season so far…

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2 Replies to “Marvel’s Agent Carter S02 E09: A Little Song and Dance”

  1. Must not watch finale promo. Must not watch finale promo … phew, that was close! 🙂

    The dance number was a corker!

    Jarvis and Peggy’s showdown in the desert was some stellar acting. What was with all those tiny little guns pointing every which way?

    And Mrs Jarvis, calling him on keeping secrets. Just ask Oliver Queen how keeping things from loved ones works out!

  2. I want Peggy’s clothes. She always looks so sharp! Could we find a way to bring those styles back? *sigh*

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