The Walking Dead S06 E10: The Next World


On last week’s heart stopping episode of “The Walking Dead,” we lost a few friends, but we saved a few, too. Remember, that during the apocalypse, a big bazooka is man’s best friend with Daryl giving new meaning to the word, KABOOM! While Carl heals from his injuries, Rick and Daryl go on a quest to find the mother of all grain and, come face to face with Jesus.


Well, it seems that life, after two months, in Alexandria is somewhat back to normal. Judith is as cute as a button and Carl is learning to deal with one eye. Michonne, who has been living in the house with Rick and his family, is comfortable enough to walk around in a towel, asking for minty toothpaste. I’m wondering when these two are going to get past just being friends.

So things are settling down, and hopefully, the townsfolk are fixing the leak in the dam…patching the hole in the wall. Life is getting back to routine, but it doesn’t matter how strong the walls are, if there is no food, you just as dead.

Daryl e 10

As Rick and Daryl get ready to do a supply run, Denise asks Daryl to bring back some pop for Tara. Eugene is not the dummy he led us to believe he was. He knows his grain. If you’re going to survive the apocalypse, you need food that is easy to grow and is drought tolerant. Sorghum is just the thing you need to keep hunger away from the front door.

Rick and Daryl are also looking for other people; folks that would want to live in a safe place, but after locating a truck loaded with supplies and Sorghum, they take a different route home and meet a stranger.


When the masked Jesus first makes his appearance on the scene, I was expecting his friends, the 12 apostles, to be right behind him and ready to ambush Team Rick, but this guy didn’t need any help bamboozling Rick and Daryl. This was a Dukes of Hazard meets the walking dead type of introduction with the wily Jesus outsmarting our heroes.



So who the heck is this man who calls himself Jesus? In the series he says his name is Paul Rovia, but in the comics where Jesus first appears in issue 91 of Image Comics, he goes by the name Paul Monroe. Jesus played deliciously by Tom Payne, outsmarts our team and takes off with the truck. Rick and Daryl chase after him on foot.


Spencer has lost his entire family, so why is he sneaking into the woods with a shovel. Michonne is curious enough to follow. They’re not alone. Carl and Enid also go into the woods to read magazines. I don’t why these kids felt the desire to risk the walkers? I’m also curious as to why Enid isn’t adapting to life as normal.



When a walker first stumbles up to Carl, I couldn’t understand why he didn’t kill it. Even with Enid’s insisting, Carl refuses to kill this walker. Instead he leads the walker towards Spencer and Michonne

Jesus part 2

When Rick and Daryl come across the vending machine that was chained to the back of the truck, Daryl makes sure he gets the pop for Denise. Later they find Jesus fixing a flat tire and they jump him.


This guy must have heaven on his side, because even though he was left hogtied on the road, he manages to get on the roof of the truck. From there on it’s a Keystone Cop routine with Daryl chasing Jesus on foot.


In the comics, Jesus is a decent guy who belongs to the Hilltop Colony. He, like Rick and Daryl, was on a scouting trip looking for the sorghum. He carried no weapons, his beard was trimmed and, he saved Daryl from becoming a zombie snack. Unfortunately for all, the truck rolled into the lake…goodbye food. After much discussion, the unconscious Jesus is taken to Alexandria and locked up.

Deanna had asked Michonne a question before she died. “What do you really want?” Michonne had no answer for Deanna, until Carl leads the walker Deanna to Spencer. Spencer knew that his mother was a walker. He was sneaking out every day in hopes of finding her. It was his mother and, it was his duty to put her to rest. Michonne and Spencer give Deanna the proper burial she deserved, but neither one saw the “S” scratched out on the tree.


Spencer understood that he was not alone and that he was a part of the Alexandria family. Carl, wise beyond his years, explained to Michonne that he didn’t kill Deanna because it was a job that should be done by family. He had to kill his mom and he would do the same for Michonne.

This episode was all about family. Carl thinks of Michonne as family and we know that she thinks of Rick, Carl and Judith as her family, but we wondered if Rick and Michonne would ever become lovers.

Love needs time to nurture, especially when we’re talking about the ultimate power couple. With two months of quiet from the dangers of the outside world, Michonne and Rick had time to sit and chat like a couple. He remembered her mints, although the toothpaste was now at the bottom of the lake. We all waited for a long time for that kiss to take place and when it did, there was a universal cheer heard around the world.


Deanna had asked Michonne a question. “What do you want?” Michonne finally had the answer. She wanted Rick. Love is grand, but nothing stays peaceful during the apocalypse. Our two lovers are rudely awakened by the stranger known as Jesus. How did he get past his guards and what does he want? The world just got larger.

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