The Expanse S01 E08: Salvage


Holy donkey balls! I love this show and, I especially love when we are given a glimpse of life on earth. On last week’s episode of “The Expanse,” Chrisjen pays a visit to Holden’s mom; there is a rift between Amos and Holden over Kenzo; Miller takes a trip to Eros. On this episode, the Roci crew and Miller come across a devastating secret and, Holden and Miller finally meet.

Friendly Skies

Miller is riding coach on a ship heading to Eros and it looks like space travel accommodations of the future are no better than air travel today. Miller is gets a preaching from a fellow passenger, a Mormon, who is slated to ride on the Nauvoo in search of a new planet. Miller is not impressed, but it leaves the question as to why the Mormons are spending big money on a one way trip to find a new home, and yet, ignore the retched conditions of the Belters… God must only love the rich.

The Asteroid

While Miller fends off the Bible thumper, Holden and his crew arrive at their destination, which turns out to be an asteroid. Did Johnson give them the wrong coordinates? Maybe, but there is something hidden on that big ole rock. I have to say that I am totally invested in the crew of the Rocinante. Steven Strait’s Holden is stepping into the role of leader quite nicely and, his crew is a kick-ass team. What they don’t know is that there is a black ops team hunting for them.


Why is a stealth ship hiding on an asteroid? That is what Holden and his crew wants to know. Is Polansky on this ship? It’s time to suit up and investigate. While Holden, Naomi, Kenzo and Amos search the ship for survivors, they come across a spacesuit from the Scopuli.


The blood on the walls of the ship all add up for Holden. This was the ship that captured the crew of the Scopuli and destroyed the Canterbury, but where the hell are the bodies? One of the shuttles is missing so maybe Polanski got away. When Naomi and Amos get the power turned on, things get hairy.

Tycho Station

Fred Johnson is trying to find out what happened on the Donnager and, why the Martians helped Holden survive. He gets his answer after breaking the code on the chip he took from the dead Martian. Did Fred know that the stealth ship was on that asteroid with Polanski? What Johnson doesn’t know is that the UNN Battleship heading his way is going to take over Tycho. The leaders of Earth think Tycho station is hiding stealth technology.


Miller lands in jail after roughing up the Dock Master, but his friend Semi comes to his rescue. We find out why Semi is so interested in Miller’s hat. It belonged to Semi when he was on the force.


Miller has lost everything because of his quest to find Julie, but Semi goes out on a limb to pass the news that Julie is staying at the Blue Falcon under the name of Polanski.

Space Blob

Everything is connected and, Holden and his crew realize that the stealth ship that attacked the Cant is called Anubis. Yes, my little space rats, that Anubis… the one Julie was supposed to be on. The Anubis was at Phoebe, when they had that bio-accident and it brought something back with it.


Energy makes the liquid Nano fluid active and, it almost gets Holden and Naomi when they go to investigate. That thing is alive and deadly. Nuking the Anubis may have destroyed the space blob, but remember, it likes energy.


Miller and Holden finally meet when their paths cross at the Blue Falcon. Amos was right about that dirt bag, Kenzo, but the tactical team that was waiting to ambush Holden’s crew, didn’t count on Miller. Miller and Holden were searching for the same person. Julie escaped from the Anubis… but she didn’t come alone.


There are plenty of bad guys in this series and we’re not sure who to trust. Can we trust Johnson or Dawes? I’m not sure, but I definitely don’t trust Chrisjen and her UN buddies. Chrisjen is a cold-hearted woman who caused her best friend to commit suicide and, didn’t blink when she got the news. The Martians on the Donnager proved to be decent people, but time will tell if they are aware of what happened on Phoebe.


Miller finally found Julie, but she’s been blobbed and I’m not sure if she’s even alive. Miller was devastated, but he’s not alone. Holden and Miller together will find the answers… if they haven’t already been contaminated. See you next week when we reach critical mass.


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