American Horror Story: Hotel S05 E08: The Ten Commandments Killer


Are you ready to head over to the Hotel Cortez? On the last episode of “American Horror Story,” we were treated to a trip down memory lane to meet Elizabeth’s true love, silent screen star, Rudolph Valentino. Was Valentino the father of a baby Bart? Wren gave John an important clue before she became roadkill. Will John learn the identity of the Ten Commandment Killer on tonight’s episode?

Mr. March

We jump right in where we left off, watching Wren become roadkill. Was she that afraid to return to the hotel with John? How will the countess feel on losing one of her little blood bank toddlers? Even though I really like Wes Bentley, his character is not the smartest cop in the station. John is literally clueless to all the events happening around him… that is until Wren told him he would find the killer at the hotel.


I can’t stipulate enough how much Evan Peters has grown into such a talented young actor. After five seasons, Evan Peters owns this season. He plays the evil Mr. March as a disturbingly blood thirsty fiend, but he does so with such panache, you overlook the gut wrenching torture scenes that March loves to practice on unsuspecting tourists. Evan Peters is even holding his own with Lady Gaga who plays the Countess and that is not easy to do. When Evan Peters’ Mr. March is absent from the scene, Lady Gaga’s magnetizing personality makes her the star of the show. Gaga has become a welcomed addition to this show.


When Peters and Gaga are together, we are treated to a ballet between two creatures that live in our darkest nightmares. Mr. and Mrs. March’s forced monthly dinners reveal the hate between them and, their many little tit-for-tats are humorous even if their dark plans are not.


We wonder how John became involved so quickly with the Cortez, and why he picked that hotel to live in. But, as John explains to his loyal friend and partner Detective Hahn (Richard T. Jones) as they look down on the dead Wren who is now lying on a slab at the city morgue, John is an old friend to the hotel. On tonight’s episode, we learn a secret when Sally shows John what is hidden behind the armoire in room 64. Who has placed those trophy body parts inside the specimen bottles?

John’s been going to the Hotel Cortez for five years. Before Holden was abducted, John was a frequent visitor to the hotel bar where he met Liz Taylor, Sally, and Donovan. John is encouraged to join a party, but the party turns out to be one of the monthly soirees between the countess and Mr. March.


Was there something about John that made James March sit up and take notice?  How did a good cop go so horribly bad? Police Officers put their lives on the line every single day. Sure, we’ve only heard of the officers with the quick trigger fingers or the ones who seem to enjoy using extreme force, but in reality, the majority of police officers are good men and women who are there only to serve and protect their fellow citizens.

I’ve often wondered how it affects the good cops when they see criminals, murderers and rapists go free because some foolish judge decided to let the creeps loose on the streets again to create more havoc. John was drinking to forget the injustice of the criminal system. March saw something in John that made him want to mentor the detective. With the help of the countess, March gained a willing student.


Nothing on this show is by accident. The dots are finally connecting and we are learning the secrets of all the people that live at the hotel. Mr. March may have started the collection, but his pupil is helping to finish the collection. Detective John Lowe is the Ten Commandments Killer, but I think we all knew this from the start. Mr. March saw the killer inside the cop on their first meeting, but John would have to be coerced or manipulated into doing what he’d always secretly wished he could do.


Vigilante: a person who is not a member of law enforcement who pursues and punishes persons suspected of breaking the law. John was a cop who was so fed up with crime that he was ready to play judge, jury and executioner. Mr. March needed his collection completed so he had Sally seduce John. When that wasn’t enough, he had the countess steal Holden.

As John confesses to his shocked partner that he is the killer, we realize that Wren was helping John escape detection for his crimes per Sally’s orders. When John kills Hahn, he takes a trophy for the collection. It is then that the mask is lowered and we know without a doubt that John was always bad to the bone. John killed all the people in the cases he’d been investigating; showing up and hiding evidence before his partner was called onto the scene. Mr. March chose the right nutcase to mentor.


We only have two more episodes to go before we are forced to check out of the Cortez, but I have a feeling that this season is going to be remembered for a long time. See you next week, my little vamps, and, you best stay clear of room #64.

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